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Stereotypes for Paris

No description

Daniela Naranjo

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Stereotypes for Paris

Stereotypes for France

4. "All French women go topless on beaches"
There are some beaches in the south part of France where going topless is very common, but it is now becoming less popular because there have been some abuse of this costume. Because men take pictures and abuse this policy, women are doing it less.
By: Sophie Bronsil, Andrea Pasmay, Camila Manotas and Daniela Naranjo

Block 7 AP English Lit.

Americans have this saying: pardon my French any time they curse.
French people are not rude. They are actually very friendly and polite. People mistake this because French are very differently culturally but once you understand it you can see they are not rude.
1. "French are rude- they curse very often"
This stereotype was created because after 9/11, France decided they would not take part neither help the US intervene in Iraq. However, many French young adults and teenagers try to imitate American life style and clothing due to the high influence of the American public media.
2. "French people hate Americans"
This stereotype is certainly wrong. French people conserve a perfectly well hygiene. This stereotype was created because the most expensive and well known perfume brands are French so they assumed that people that didn’t shower, but use perfume to cover up the smell.
3. "French people stink"
5. "All French people smoke cigarettes"
Some French people do smoke but not all of them do. Over the years, the country has become friendlier with non-smokers; there are bans in certain public places that don’t permit smoking.
6. "French toilets are disgusting"
This stereotype is not always true, plus it can happen in any part of the world. Nevertheless, some toilets in cafes tend to be disgusting.
This stereotype was created by Americans and is one of the most inaccurate. Americans say that French are skinny because they compare people to their own population. In reality, more than 1/3 of Americans are obese.
7. "They are skinny"
French fries were actually invented in Belgium!
8. "They invented French Fries"

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