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Friends project!!!

No description

Matheu Wakefield

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Friends project!!!

Zachery dawson Lock Lindsey Miles Leonard trey mattalingly Mark Hunter Zinny is a starnge boy has over 100 nicknames okahoma sooners fan Athlete play tennis football basketball and baseball obbsesed with skittles Still a little boy inside the scottish ninja plays soccer and footbal and tennis from scottland a foirgn exchange student Funny likes dallas cowboys strongest girl i know plays soccer and baskettbal plus softball nice and funny princess daisy nad a dragon are some of her nicknames Taylor brasted down to earth well taylor is special u can say smart funny plays volibol down to earth creative creative likes rap r&b hip hop and alot of othermusic great friend Great friend obbsesed with assasins creed intertaining cant describe her in one word kinda smart trey is a nerd funny fan of any seattle team plays soccer likes washington huskies basketball Great friend Band nerd is in love with his xbox My freiends
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