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Jodelynn Palomo

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Physiotherapist

What are some of a physiotherapist's goals?
Legal Responsibilities & Rules of Conduct
Examples of legal responsibilities and rules of conduct are:
What is a physiotherapist?
A physiotherapist is someone who works with people who have become disabled due to injury, illnesses or old age.
Some of a physiotherapist's goals include:
To help their patients regain movement
To support patients who have permanent disabilities and to help prevent any more damage to happen to them
To help reduce pain
Maintain, improve, strengthen and restore the patients physical functioning in weak muscles

To accomplish these goals, they may also use manipulation techniques such as massage, stretching and exercise to help patient improve their abilities.
They assess their patients to learn about what caused the disability and the level of the patient's disability.

Once they have this information,
- they will be able to carry out individually designed treatment programs that are tailored to their patients unique needs.
Duties of a physiotherapist:
Establish treatment goals for and with the patients based on their diagnosis
Communicate with other referred physicians or healthcare professionals with regard to the patients problems, needs and progress
1.9 They need to document the clients history and any relevant information such as, clinical diagnosis, treatment plans, progress notes, etc.

2.4 Report any member of the profession whose conduct while practicing as a physiotherapist appears to be unethical or illegal

Ensure that their professional judgements are not compromised by motives of profit
1.1 Physiotherapists shall respect the client's rights, dignity, needs and values

1.2 They may not refuse to care for clients based on race, religion, gender, age, health & social status, etc.
Physiotherapist Requirements
Average Hourly Wages In Canada
On average, Canadian physiotherapists make $47,111 each year.
Current Job Opportunities
> Travel within the Niagara Region. Looking for physiotherapist to provide client management through all stages of assessment, treatment, consultation and follow ups.
graduate of an accredited program in Physiotherapy
You demonstrate excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, both written and verbal
Possess previous work-related experience in the rehabilitation services sector and/or training in providing PT services with children.

> Niagara. Temporary, part time job, which requires working days and evenings.
Salary: will be $17.00 per hour for a 25 hour week.
Education: The applicant should have completed high school, completed college or technical training, completed university.
Work Environment
Physiotherapists are on the move all day, seeing at least 1 patients every half an hour, whether they work in hospitals, clinics, sports clubs, therapy offices etc.

They may work with the elderly, pediatric physicians, stroke rehabilitation or they may choose to have a practice where they interact with a range of patients with a variety of different physical conditions
Most physiotherapists work a typical 40 hour week which includes evening and weekends
High School Prerequisites
Complete high school with:
University English
University biology, chemistry, physics (esp. bio and chem)
University mathematics (advanced calculus)
These will help you when you enter university
How to become a physiotherapist
Physiotherapists must have a university degree
> Need an undergraduate degree (4 years)
> University physiotherapy programs are usually at a Master's level education (2 more years)
All graduating physiotherapist must pass the Physiotherapist National Exam to enter professional practice
Required to complete a minimum of 1,000 clinical hours in addition to any classroom learning

You need to pass with at least a B average
A valid First Aid and CPR certification and up-to-date medical immunization is expected

Experience in healthcare settings, such as through volunteer work
How to become a physiotherapist:
High level of education
Working in a career that helps people
Wide variety of work settings
Wide variety of client types
Many years of schooling + cost of education
A lot of paper work responsibilities
Can work long hours
From the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
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