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Loose Women Transcript

No description

Emma Cook

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Loose Women Transcript

Loose Women Transcript
Emma, Meg and Jess
Analysis continued
The maxim of quality is kept to throughout the conversation - none of the participants knowingly mislead other speakers. This helps the conversation flow as all the speakers feel comfortable talking to one another without being worried they are being told false information.

During the conversation, the speakers digress to other topics, which could flout the maxim of relevance. However, they are related to the original agenda, so it hasn't gone too far off topic and doesn't lead to a break down in conversation.
Analyzing the transcript
In the transcript, there is lots of evidence of the maxims being followed and broken. The maxim of quantity is flouted because there are several cases of interruptions, where turn taking is not equal.

Carol: [you are always] on the phone [though]
Denise: [no (.) I'm] not always on [the phone]

Interruptions normally suggest one speaker doesn't agree with what the other speaker is saying. This interruption suggests that, but because it doesn't cause the conversation to break down, this suggests the relationship between the speakers is quite strong.
Some of the speech in the transcript breaks the maxim of manner, because vague language and non-fluency features are used:

Denise: oh my God
Carol: I don't

This could suggest that the topic is boring them slightly, as they aren't using direct language. If this continued, this could lead to a break down in conversation as they are showing disinterest in the conversation agenda.
This conversation takes place on an episode of the TV show Loose Women (5th April 2011), where speakers Carol, Denise, Lisa and Andrea discuss phone usage.
Grice's Maxims
Why are they important?
Quantity – turn taking, each person talking for an appropriate amount of time
Quality – speak the truth and do not knowingly mislead
Relevance – keeping speech relevant to the topic agenda
Manner - avoid vague language and ambiguity

Quantity - turn taking is important because if one person speaks for a long time, this could make the other speaker's opinions feel invalid or intimidate them as the other person is controlling the conversation.
Quality - speaking the truth is crucial in a conversation because if one or more speakers are found to be lying, this could cause mistrust and cause the conversation to break down, as other speakers will find it hard to believe them.
Relevance - staying on topic helps a conversation progress and develop because if a speaker strays from the topic, this could cause confusion with others and cause a break down in fluent conversation.
Manner - it is important to be direct and not vague because this could signal disinterest in other speaker's opinions, which is a
face threatening act
, and could not meet other people's positive face needs.
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