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Between Shades of

No description

Autumn B.

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Between Shades of

Lina- A fifteen year old Lithuanian girl captured by the Soviets and who has to use her drawing abilities to reach her father.
Jonas- Lina's younger brother who doesn't really know anything but has to stay strong for his mother and sister.
Elena (Mother)- Lena's mother tries to make everybody believe that they will get out and puts others before herself.
Andrius- Andrius is a 17 Lithuanian boy who was captured with his mother, he has feelings for Lina and also helps her reach her father.
Kretzsky- A you Soviet police who communicates wit Lina's mother.
Between Shades of Gray
Lina Vilkas a fifteen year old Lithuanian girl is being taken away from everything and everyone she loves. Her father has been captured and now it's just Lina her brother Jonas and Elena their mother. As the Soviets invade Lithuania Lina has to figure out how to contact her father through her art and writing. Lina has to fight for her life and sometimes she may have to take risks to keep her loved ones alive.
Many Lithuanians had to share rations of food.
Sometime the Lithuanians would dig through the NKVD trash to find food.
The NKVD gave Lithuanians jobs such as digging,cutting down trees, and gathering wood.
Some Lithuanians got to do things for the NKVD such as serving them, they did this for more food.
The Lithuanians were forced to sign a document stating they were criminals and have a sentence of twenty-five years hard labor.
What Lina Faces
Lina faces leaving all her family behind and her home
Lina has to leave her love of art at home but still finds a way to use it to survive.
Lina doesn't know why their considered criminals.
Time Line
Lina,Jonas and their mother are taken from their home by the NKVD.
Lina,Jonas and their mother are taken away as they are aboard a train with more Lithuanians they try to search for their father
Lina meets Andrius a 17 year old boy among the other Lithuanians, they communicate with each other and try to find their fathers.
Lina and her family meet other Lithuanians and form a group, Lina also wants to know why their considered "criminals" and where is her father?
Lina and the others are put into a camp where they have to work and do jobs such as digging, making shoes, and gathering wood. There food rations are very small so they begin to steal food.
Lina's mother is offered an opportunity to spy on other Lithuanians for more food but turns it down.
Andrius's mother dresses up and serves the NKVD, this helps the others out because Andrius sneaks them food. And Lina's and Andrius's relationship becomes stronger.
Lina and her mother and brother find ways to mail letters to their father, Lina send her drawings to him and the NKVD make her draw for them.
Andrius tells Lina she is on a list and her, Jonas and their mother are being transported to another camp. Andrius and Lina kiss and say goodbye to each other.
Lina and the other Lithuanians hope that they are going to America, they arrived on the river mouth of River Lena and have to stay together in huts. Lina's mother also seems to become more weak and eventually get's sick.
Lina found out bad news about her father from Kretzsky, Lina and Jonas only remain.
NKVD- The secret police agency in the Soviet Union that took Lina and her family.
Davai- The NKVD yelled this in Russian at the Lithuanians to say "Let's go!"
Vilkas-Means wolf.
Peerestan- Russian word that means stop.
Krasivaya- Russian word that means beautiful.
Stalin- A Russian Soviet political leader.
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