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Master Thesis Proposal


Sergey Beketov

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Master Thesis Proposal

W o r l d T r a d e I n s t i t u t e M A S T E R T H E S I S PROPOSAL
Including draft outline The Impact of the WTO Accession of Ukraine on its Agricultural Market MILE 10
1) DRAFT OUTLINE PART III. Agricultural Market of Ukraine: an Overview

2.1 Ukraine – one of the biggest agricultural markets in the world - the “granary of Europe”
2.1.1 Market structure
2.1.2 Overview of internal agricultural policies
2.1.3 Legal framework of import/export-oriented activities in agricultural products.
2.2 Conclusion
PART V. Other measures affecting trade in agricultural products

4.1 Sanitary and phytosanitary measures in Ukraine
4.1.1 Brief overview of internal measures and its compliance with WTO’s SPS Agreement
4.2Technical barriers to trade
4.1.2 Brief overview of internal measures and its compliance with WTO’s TBT Agreement
4.3 Mutual recognition agreements (MRA): approximation of Ukraine’s agricultural standards to standards of its major trading partners (USA, EU etc).

PART VI. Conclusions and Recommendations
Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Acronyms

PART I. Introductio

PART II. Accession of Ukraine to the World Trade Organization.

1.1 Application process
1.2 Questions raised by the Working Party to Ukraine
1.2.1 Export regulations (export subsidies),
1.2.2 Internal policies affecting trade in goods (agricultural policy)
1.3 Accession
1.4 Conclusion PART IV. Internal Policies Affecting Foreign International Trade in Agricultural Goods

3.1Internal policies in agricultural sector
3.1.1 Structure of exports
3.1.2 Export subsidies
3.1.3 Export restrictions
3.2WTO-consistency of Ukrainian internal policies in agriculture
3.3 Advantages and disadvantages of Ukraine’s accession to WTO with respect to its agricultural market.
3.3.1 Ways of overcoming disadvantages (if found)
3.3.2 Impact of accession to WTO to Ukraine’s exports of agricultural products
3.4Overview of foreign subsidies which may affect / distort trade with Ukraine in agricultural products (e.g. in EU (CAP) as the biggest trade partner of Ukraine) 2) Suggested References Smith, Fiona, Agriculture and the WTO : towards a new theory of international agricultural trade regulation, Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2009
Morrison, J., WTO rules for agriculture compatible with development, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2007
McMahon, Joseph A., The WTO Agreement on Agriculture : a commentary, Oxford University Press, 2006
Anderson, K, The WTO and agriculture, Edward Elgar, 2005
O’Connor, B., Agriculture in WTO law, Cameron May, 2005
Merlinda D. Ingco, Agriculture and the WTO : creating a trading system for development, The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2004
Cardwell, M. N., Agriculture and international trade : law, policy and the WTO, CABI Publishing, 2003
WTO Agreement on Agriculture : the implementation experience : developing country case studies, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2003
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Agriculture, World Trade Organization, WTO, 2000
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Alberto, V., Implementing the Uruguay Round on agriculture and issues for the next round: a developing country perspective, Graduate Institute of International Studies, 1998
Dovgan, V.M., Law of World Trade Organization. Accession of Ukraine to WTO, Kiev KNT, 2009
Malskyy O.M., Yagolnik A.M., International Trade Law, Textbook, Znannya, 2005
Malskyy O.M., Yagolnik A.M., Accession of Transition Economies to the WTO: Impact on the Development and Regulation of Foreign Direct Investments, CIDA, Lviv National University, 2003
3) Thesis proposal R a t i o n a l e:
The thesis aims at researching impact of the WTO accession of Ukraine on its agricultural market, with a focus on the structure of Ukrainian agricultural market, structure of Ukrainian exports of agricultural commodities, the legal framework of internal policies affecting Ukraine’s trade in agricultural products with its major trade partner (EU) as well as the current state in the field of subsidies in Ukraine’s agricultural sector.
Current thesis also aims at defining current issues in exports of Ukrainian agricultural products as well as proposing recommendations as to how to solve these issues within WTO legal framework (in particular, GATT, Agreement on Agriculture, Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures).
R e s e a r c h q u e s t i o n s :

•What are the main legal rules governing agriculture in the WTO multilateral framework?
•What are the internal policies of Ukraine in agricultural sector?
•How do Ukraine’s internal policies on agriculture affect its trade with other trading partners, EU in particular?
•What is the policy of Ukraine with respect to subsidies in agricultural sector and how do they correlate with WTO rules on agriculture?
•How do export subsidies in agriculture of foreign states affect the trade of Ukraine in its agricultural products?

While working on this thesis, I will use the method of description, comparison and analytical method. The important terms will by defined by synthesis of existing definitions. In certain parts of the work will be used also the method of logical induction. The final finding of the thesis will be constructed from synthesis of partial findings. I will use available literature on the issue, as well as general and topic-specific knowledge, acquired in the course of MILE 10 program.

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