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Kobe Bryant

No description

Kunal Bhavan

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Kobe Bryant

Double click anywhere & add an idea Kobe Bryant 81 point game by Kobe Bryant
On January 22, 2008 But came
second to Wilt Chamberlain's
100 point game He has won 3 NBA
titles in a row for
1999-2001-2002 Kobe Bryant has won 4
NBA titles and that goes along with 4 NBA Championship Rings Kobe Bryant is well known
and even rapper Lil Wayne
made a song about him. Kobe was 13th overall draft pick by
the 1996 Charlotte Hornets and ended
up being better than anyone thought
Kobe Bryant played for the Lakers for
13 years and he still plays as a starting Shooting Gaurd for the Los Angeles Lakers.He is the youngest NBA
starter in basketball history.
Kobe did many amazing things, such as jump over an Aston Martin
and a pool of snakes Because he was accused
with sexual rape, Kobe
changed his number from
to 24 in the Los Angeles
Lakers. Kobe Bryant was born on
August 23, 1978 and he
started playing basketball
ever since when he was at
the age of 3.He was born in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania He lived in a family of
basketball. His father
"Joe Bryant" was a former
player of the Philadelphia
76ers and former head coach
of the Los Angeles Sparks. Kobe Bryant went to
Lower Merion Highschool
and he was then drafted
by the NBA right after
his highschool years.
He was the first NBA
basketball player ever
to move on to the NBA
from highschool. Kobe Bryant was accused of
sexual rape and lost
endorsement deals to about
40-45 million dollars but
Kobe disagreed and stated
he did not commit sexual rape
but he sexual encountered and
this issue almost ruined Kobe
Bryant's career Kobe Bryant had many
struggles through his NBA
career ever since Shaquille
O'neal left the Los Angeles
Lakers Kobe still strives everyday
as he works his hardest to
be the best player he can be
and it is working he is in the
top 5 basketball players of all
time. Kobe Bryant married
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