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The Crowning of Charlemagne

No description

Matous Komers

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of The Crowning of Charlemagne

Born in 742 A.D.

Son of Pippin III.

Grandson of Charles Martel.

One of the greatest kings of Europe. Converted numerous Germanic tribes to Christianity.

Fought off Muslim invaders. The Crowning of Charlemagne Charlemagne's Religious Conquest of Europe 772 A.D. began to convert the Germanic tribes of Europe to Christianity.

Was a great success; converted many tribes to Christianity. Bertrada of Laon Charles Martel Charlemagne Pippin III Charlemagne's Empire Who was Charlemagne? The Victory Over the Lombards Lombards wanted to take over the pope's land.

In 774 A.D. Charlemagne attacked the Lombard capital Pavia.

Deafeated the Lombards and became their king. Charlemagne's Large Empire Conquered more than one tenth of Europe.

His empire stretched from France to modern- day Hungary. The Crowning of Charlemagne Crowned on Christmas (December 24th) in 800 A.D.

Crowned by Pope Leo III. Patriarch of Constantinople took this as an insult.

Caused the Great Schism Effects Reasons for the Crowning of Charlemagne Died of pleurisy on January 28, 814 A.D.

Was buried in the Aachen Cathedral.

Was succeeded by his son Louis the Pious. Death The End Thanks for Watching! The Crowning of Charlemagne
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