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Ryan Ng Kok Wah

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of pw

Project work 2010 Cybergaming addiction Justifications... Symptoms... Articles Survey Results In a survey of 309 Primary Five students in May 2009 by TOUCH Cyber Wellness & Sports, 20.7% play MapleStory. Effects Hitting or slashing actions in games A form of violence Increase in aggression levels Aggression Leading to desensitization of violent killing Develop violent reactions unknowingly Loss of relationships In conclusion... Do not become like Done by:
The Usual 4
http://www.planetcrush.org/resources/gamereviews/index.htm (CRUSH by TOUCH Cyber Wellness and sports)
Public Library Board (Articles)
http://www.ssagsg.org/LearningSpace/EntertainmentGaming/GameAddiction.htm(Symptoms and consequences)
http://billmullins.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/windowslivewritervideogameaddictiontrueorfalse-baacinternet-addict-22.jpg ( Image)
Anti-socialness Develop cyber-gaming
addiction Start to neglect daily activities
and people around you Others find you
anti-social You start to lose friends and
relationships are destroyed Major consequences Credits Abel Tan(1), Louis Tan(19)
Mervin Tan(20) and Ryan Ng(21)
of 2-2 Thank You for your kind attention! Hotlines for
cybergaming addiction: Consequences Suggestions on how to
stop your addiction -Touch Community Services' Cyber Wellness,
Tel: 6377 0122
-Community Addictions Management Programme,
Institute of Mental Health, Tel: 6732 6837
"If you are not on online, you will still be alive" Result in attitude problems........ Denial of anti-socialness Verbal aggression
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