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No description

Paola Valle

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Farce

Farce Background
Farce means "stuffing" or "padding" as it was stuffed in between the longer, more serious morality plays
Most theater in France around the first quarter of the 17th century was popular farce
Molière was a French playwright who primarily wrote farces
, a particularly controversial farce
Charley's Aunt
Written by Brandon Thomas
Three act play in which Lord Fancourt poses as Donna Lucia, a rich woman from Brazil, to help his friends establish their relationships
Group Activity
Groups of Four: Farcical Exaggeration Activity
*An aspect of Farce is the exaggeration of human characteristics*
choose a type of person and at your groups create a small scene
Some things to choose from:
greedy old man, crazy cat lady, jock, valley girl

Video Clips
Some Like it Hot (ending)
It's Burlesque!
Mistaken Identity
When a character is wrongly assumed to be another
Example: Charley's Aunt
the characters on stage think Lord Fancourt is really a woman from Brazil
Parody, Satire, and Caricature
are all forms of ridicule
Example: Parody- Any Weird Al Yankovic Song
Satire- SNL sketches; Weekend Update
Overdone for comedic effect

Hinting at events that will happen in the future
Running Gag
A repeated comical bit or line
Gets funnier each time it's repeated
Naughty, physical, low comedy

Some Like it Hot
An American farce including cross-dressing and mistaken identities.
Noises Off
A hysterical play within a play by Michael Frayn

Contemporary Farce
Charley's Aunt
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
-Employs running gags about swallows and coconuts to make the audience laugh
Originally referred to the poor man's musical comedy
I'm No Angel
is an American Burlesque on film
Released in 1959, Some Like it Hot received widespread critical acclaim and was one of the biggest hits of the year
A traditional farce in three acts in which a man pretends to be a woman in order to create a relationship.
Written by Brandon Thomas
TV Sitcom:
I Love Lucy
This show made audiences laugh through exaggeration, clowning, and physical comedy
Starred Lucille Ball

It was the most watched television show in America in four out of its six seasons
Carol Burnett
This actress uses parody and running gags to get a laugh
Most commonly known for her show,
The Carol Burnett Show
Her show is TV farce; The show was a variety show that combined comedy sketches, song, and dance
Example: Marx Brothers used their bodies and onstage props to exaggerate a situation
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