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The Story of Siddhartha

The Basics of Buddhism

tim watson

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of The Story of Siddhartha

The Four Passing Sights
although it was nearly impossible for Siddhartha to see unpleasant things, that is exactly what happened when...
Luxurious beginnings
Siddhartha Gautama was born around 563 B.C. in what is now Nepal to a wealthy king in India.
mother & father had sought insight to there child's destiny and learned of two futures for her son... world conqueror or world redeemer
to shelter him from becoming a 'man of the people' his father suffocated him in riches and pleasures... no unpleasantness would cross his path.
in short, he had it all: social standing, appearance, wealth, a model wife, a child and a throne he would inherit.
despite all of this, things would change...
the Basics of

The Truth Seeker
After seeing this new reality of pain and passage, fleshly pleasures lost their charm and Siddhartha, at 29, set out on a life of truth-seeking... his GREAT GOING FORTH.
6 years of searching led him to 3 different paths:
1. began with wise
Hindu masters
2. then joined a
band of ascetics
bent on relinqushing all bodily cravings. This path almost killed him, but also taught him the dangers of extremes.
3. This led him to the
Middle Way
; a place between asceticism and indulgence.
Sensing that a breakthrough was near Siddhartha sat under the Bodhi Tree vowing not to arise until he had gained his goal. Here is when he met his toughest match yet Mara...
Begins with a man...
During his later years when India was afire with his message, people came in droves asking what he was.

Not "who are you?" but "what are you?"

"are you a god?"...no "are you an angel?"...no "are you
a saint?"...no. "Then what are you?" Buddha answered,
This answer became his title; the awakened (enlightened) one.
the man who woke up
the story of

An old man
- gaunt, broken-toothed and trembling as he leaned on his staff
- a body racked with disease lying on the roadisde.
- he encountered a funeral procession.
A monk
- shaven head, ocher robe, and bowl; detailed to Sid the path that renounces the world.
The Middle Way
the Battle with Oneself
He sat down under a tree
The Four Noble Truths
after his enlightenment, he headed straight for India's holiest city. There he preached his first sermon. It explained his new discoveries which became known as the
1. Life is suffering (dukka)
2. The reason we suffer is desire(tanha)
3. There is a way out of the suffering
4. That way is the Eightfold Path
The Eightfold Path
. Right View or Knowledge
- understanding life as seen through the 4NTs
Right Intention
- is enlightenment what we really want? Until one has the answer life is a series of ups & downs.
Right Speech
- There is power in words; are we truthful & positive or do we gossip and use our words to hurt others. Pay attention to the words you speak!!!
Right Action or Behavior
- do not: kill, steal, lie, be unchaste, drink or use drugs (intoxicants)
Right Livelihood-
does your work fall in line with 'good' values? "the hand of the dyer is subdued by the dye in which it works"
Right Effort
- "The way of the Ox". Stay steadfast in your efforts to live a moral life.
Right Mindfulness
- "all that we are is a result of what we have thought" . We must be diligent in our self -awareness and learn to appreciate the present moment.
Right Concentration
- live with a mind that is reformed or renewed just as a camera that had been out of focus regains it's clarity
Write a quick story describing how you believe Buddhism began.
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