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Jacob Anderson Malek Williams LaComb - 1

Jacob Anderson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Anti-Semitism

Jacob Anderson
Malek Williams
LaComb – 1
Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jewish people. Anti-Semitism is when people are prejudice against Jewish people. For centuries, Jewish people have been discriminated against. In the 3rd Century B.C., a Greco-Egyptian historian says that Jews were expelled as lepers. Even in current times, Anti-Semitism is still alive. In 1961, the Defense Minister of Syria published a story stating that Jewish people actually do murder Christian children. Anti-Semitism mostly involves Jewish people. It also involves many other people having prejudice against Jews. People across the world have been involved in Anti-Semitism. However, as recent as the nineteenth century, anti-Semitism political parties were form in Germany, France, and Austria. Anti-Semitism began because of prejudice against certain religions. Later, Christians believed that Jewish people killed Jesus Christ. Many people felt so strongly about this that they were prejudice against ALL Jewish people. Anti-Semitism, starting as long ago as the 3rd Century B.C., led to horrible catastrophes such as the Holocaust. Millions of Jewish people were placed in concentration camps and eventually died originating with Anti-Semitism. Back in the times of Moses, Anti-Semitism existed. However, the most outrageous example of Anti-Semitism was with Adolf Hitler and the Germans. During World War II, the Germans (called “Nazis”) referred to Jewish people as “dirty Jews.” During this Holocaust, Jewish people were placed in concentration camps and abused. During this time, over six million Jews were murdered. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Germans. We have come a long way since Anti-Semitism began. We don’t even know if our classmates are Jewish.
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