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thesis template

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joyce o_O

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of thesis template

BS ITTM IV-A Level of Tourism Support in
Lucban Quezon Literature Presented by: Rational Level of Support to Tourism Industry Falcunitin
Maria Teresa Mendoza
Lalaine Orias
Mary Joyce Ortega
Zarra Reyes
Darlene May BS ITTM IV-A Thank You! * Management * Infrastructure * Promotion * Policy * Budget Factors Affecting the Level of Support Methods Research design Descriptive Method Participants of the Study 100 Participants
25 Tourist
25 Host Community
25 Government Official
25 Representation of business catering tourist goods and services Data Gathering Instrument Questionnaire
Books, internet and other materials serve as additional sources of information Data Gathering Procedure Data Analysis Questionnaire Part I. Level of Support in Lucban, Quezon 1.1. Management
1.1.1 Organization of activities required to achieve a desired goal.

1.1.2 Proper assignment of responsibility for each organizational component

1.1.3 Effective human resources

1.1.4 Competent leadership of an organizational unit

1.1.5 Setting of standards and measuring of actual performance 1.2 Infrastructure
1.2.1 Accessible roads

1.2.2 Clutter-free sewage systems

1.2.3 Fast communication system

1.2.4 Availability of commercial facilities (supermarkets and retails stores)

1.2.5 Preservation of heritage sites 1.3 Promotion
1.3.1 Making of a recognizable public image.

1.3.2 Using of marketing techniques, knowledge and tactics to highlight the destination

1.3.3 Promotion of festivals to attract visitors

1.3.4 Accommodation of trade fairs showcasing products of Lucban

1.3.5 Using of media to promote the place 1.4 Policy
1.4.1 Tourism policy of the local government of Lucban, Quezon

1.4.2 Shaping of policy decisions and their impacts (the policy cycle approach)

1.4.3 Providing information about solutions to practical problems and to then feed this information into the policy process (scientific approach)

1.4.4 Maintenance of effective consultation with all sectors of the tourism industry

1.4.5 Provision of fiscal and other incentives to attract foreign investments. 1.5 Budget
1.5.1. Budget of the government for tourism

1.5.2 Budget of the Municipality of Lucban for tourism activities

1.5.3 Tie-up with other tourism organizations

1.5.4 Participation in national and international competitions to raise funds

1.5.5 Investments from foreign investors Questionnaire Factors affecting the level of tourism support in Lucban, Quezon 2.1. Tourist
2.1.1 Different preferences of tourist make them hard to manage

2.1.2 Heritage and historical sites are being degraded due to mass tourist arrival

2.1.3 Intensive promotions are needed to attract tourist

2.1.4 Policy makers always consider the tourist’s motivation for travel

2.1.5 The tourist’s contributes significantly to the economy. 2.2 Host Community
2.2.1 Support of the local population is essential for the development, successful operation, and sustainability of tourism.

2.2.2 The local residents contribute in the preservation of the infrastructures.

2.2.3 Increased crime rate in the local community affect the image of the destination

2.2.4 The host community abides to the policies being implemented by the local government

2.2.5 Local residents most often consider tourism as a cultural and employment factor 2.3 Government of host community
2.3.1 The government facilitates the overall operation of tourism

2.3.2 Government develops the infrastructure required to make a destination a tourist-accessible

2.3.3 Government formulates rules and regulations for successfull operation of tourism activities

2.3.4 The government supports the advocacies of the tourism industry when it comes to promotion of a destination

2.3.5 Government looks on tourism as a capital and megabucks factor in the economy. 2.4 Business catering tourist goods and services
2.4.1. Methods of mass productions are being replaced by flexible systems.

2.4.2 Businesses help the government in the development of needed infrastructure

2.4.3 Promotion of individual products also helps in promoting the destination as whole

2.4.4 Business policy conforms to the policy of the government

2.4.5 Businesses pay taxes that contributes to the local economy of the place Objectives To assess the level of support in Lucban, Quezon in terms of : management
budget To determine factors affecting the level of tourism support tourist
host community
government of the host community
business catering tourist goods and services. To relate level of support and factors affecting this level of support To develop an action plan to uplift level of support to tourism in Lucban, Quezon * Tourist
* Host Community
* Government of the host community
* Business catering tourist goods and services Tourism is one of the possible trajectories for the integration of places into global sphere. Therefore, the researchers want to develop a place that will significantly contribute to the country’s tourism industry and be known internationally. The researchers believe that if the level of tourism support increases, the tourism industry will flourish. This research will not focus in the development of the place through attractions and activities being offered but rather using its tourism support to improve its potentiality as a tourist destination.
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