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12.2 - Managing Growth & Resources

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Miranda Manolakos

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of 12.2 - Managing Growth & Resources

12.2 - Managing Growth & Resources
Sources of Marine Garbage
• Marine debris consist of oil, river runoff, passenger/cargo
ships and other materials

• Plastic is the most dangerous waste found in oceans

• Plastic materials usually end up in ocean organisms

• Ex: Dead whale found with 200kg of plastic in it

• Nurdles:
small plastic pellets that are consumed by millions of
fish all the time because of how frequently they are carried
across the ocean

• Marine animals consuming plastic is harmful to the
ecosystem as well
Overharvesting Fish
As Human Population increases, so do the demands of fisheries

1950 - massive removal of fish population
Scientists discovered fish population only 10% of what it was before 1950

In 15 years, 80% of other ocean organisms decreased in population size due to fishing tech.

Dredging & Trawling = Bycatch
Providing Food Using Sustainable Methods
• To preserve fish, they are harvested through sustainable methods

• In order to change overharvesting/trawling, public awareness is key

• Ex: attempting to stop illegal fishing, will help make oceans & sea life healthier

Waste Disposal
Oceans have served as inadequate waste disposals in the past

The amount of waste that has been dumped into bodies of water is hard to calculate and currently unknown

The NOAA has declared that this is unknown because there is no way of monitoring ocean debris

Garbage patches form & consist mainly of plastic & fishing nets

Other Waste Problems

• Landfill are gradually filling up, and a new solution must be discovered

• Reducing the amount of garbage entering land fills goes a long way

• This can be achieved by recycling materials & buying items that will last a long time

• For this issue again, PUBLIC AWARENESS is key!

• The solution involves increased education/awareness
& technology

• Again, public awareness is key!

• Ex: 18m catamaran made out of reclaimed plastic sailed to different parts of the world to raise awareness for ocean pollution & other environmental issues

• However, we must remember that change takes a lot
of time!

A Waste Solution
By: Joanna Reyes & Miranda Manolakos
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