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The Cay

No description

Manessa Molinaro

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of The Cay

The Cay
By: Manessa and Campbell

Falling action
Phillips heart breaks when he hears the plane slowly flying away. He can't believe that the plane didn't see him or the fire and smoke he just layed in the hut that he built thinking to himself why didn't I die with Timothy. Suddenly he hears a engine of a boat and a vocies saying "it a naked boy and a cat" Phillip rejoyced with happiness. They put him on a boat a was immediatly brought to a hospita center his parents were contacted and were at the hospital within a blink of an eye. Phillip tried to tell everyone what happened to him and Timothy and the island but no one belived him. After a few surgeries to Phillip's eyes he gained his eye sight back. Phillip spent most of his time now hanging out with black people it made him happy, there voices made him think of Timothy and that made him smile :) He promised himself that when he got the chance he would go back to the cay and stand by Timothys grave and say "Dis b'dat outrageous cay, eh, Timothy?"
Protagonist and Antagonist
The protagonists in The Cay are Timothy and Phillip.The antagonists in the cay are the cay and its obsticles and challenges aganist Phillip and Timothy, and WW2 because of
and the
~German subarines

Exposition and Rising Action
The setting of the book is in Curaco untill Phillip and timothy get stuck in the devils mount on the cay. This was all during world war 2. one of the main events was when phillips ship to Virgina was torrpedoded by the German subbmarins. 2. Timothy and Phillip find the island and start to build shelter. 3. A horrible hurricane accurs on the cay and blows away there shelter. The main conflict in the cay is Phillip and Timothy were traped on a island all alone with no food and water.
Figurative launguge
An example from the text of a metophore is...
"The aircraft seemed to be making a sharp turn. It roared across the cay."( middle of page 130)
An example of an Simile from the text would be... "As Timothy said, it was shaped like a melon." (top pf page 80)
An example from the text of an hyperbole would be....
" The skate is kin to the deadly sea ray." (bottom of apge 85)

Direct and Indirect characterization
An example of Direct characterization is when Phillip first met Timothy. "A huge, very old Negro sitting on the raft near me. He was ugly. His nose was flat and his face was broad; his head was a mass of wiry gray hair." That was Direct because it directly states Timothy as being ugly and black with a flat noise and a head cover with gray hair.
A example of indirect characterization would be when Phillips mom was not nervous at all when she new that the ship was being torpedod by the German submarines.
"Her hands were not shaking"
That tells me that she is not nervous, but the text did not tell me she was not nervous.
After the hurricane, Phillip found his way to Timothy. Timothy asked Phillip "if he be all right, be true' Those were Timothys last words before he died :( Phillip was all alone on an island with stew. Phillip digs a grave for timothy and looks in the direction that he thinks the grave is pointed at and has a small funeral. He hears a small roar from above in the sky, could it be, was it, it was, its a plane. Phillip was filled with happiness and joy he couldn't believe it was a plane he thought to himself how am i going to let them know that i am here? Ohh wait a minute he remembered what Timothy told him how the sea grapes make a great deal of smoke and Phillip had allready started the fire to let the plane know he was there so he thew the sea grape in the fire pile and waited for the plane to get closer but the noise seemed to get farther and farther away.
The Cay was about a boy named Phillip, he lives in curacao with his mother and father. Curacao is being torpedoed by the german submarines during world war 2. His mom is very uneasy about the whole thing. Phillip and his mom end up on a boat to his moms old home town in Virginia. They are torpedoed by the German submarines. Next thing Phillip knows he is on a raft with a huge black man named Timothy and a cat named stew cat, his head is in terrible pain, he's blind, and there on an island hoping and praying they will survive.....

The climax of The Cay is when Phillip heard what he thought was a rifle shot" and Timothy reasures him that it was not a rifle shot is was the crack of the sea and that that sound signaled a hurricane. Timothy was woried about Phillip, but i think its safe to say that Phillip was as worried about him Timothy as Timothy was about Phillip.
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