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Black Boy

Biography by Richard Wright

Megan Johnson

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Black Boy

Black Boy
By Richard Wright
Megan Johnson
What is BLACK BOY about? What is the tone? What is the mood? What is the point of view? Black Boy is a biography about and written by, Richard Wright. He tells about his whole life and what he struggles he goes through. The main focus of this biography was about how blacks and whites "got along," and mostly about how cruel whites were to blacks in the south. It is also about Richard growing up and learning to do things on his own. What is the theme? I believe that Richard Wright wrote this book for many reasons. However, there are two main reasons.The first is that he had something to say. For so long, he had been mistreated and had dealt with so much, and he just needed to tell people his story. The second reason is because he loved to write. Throughout the entire book, writing played a huge part in his story about what shaped him to be the person he grew up to be. What is Richard Wright's Purpose in writing this book? BLACK BOY fits into the non-fiction genre. Everything that he wrote in this book was very true. What Genre does Black BOY fit into? The theme of BLACK BOY is growing up and discovering things about yourself you didn't know when you were younger. He speaks very educated most of the time, but when he brings dialogue into it, it is almost as if he were there in the story at that exact moment. The mood was all over. It was angry, it was sad, and it was even happy in some places. The biggest emotion it brought was sadness, and the want for justice. The entire story was in Richard Wright's point of view. When and where does this story take place? This story takes places in the early to late 1900s. The major events take place in three different states. Jackson, Mississippi; West Helena Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; and Chicago, Illinois. Who wrote it? Who are the main characters? Who is the intended audience? Richard Wright is the only main character, and he also wrote the book. The intended audience is everyone in America. Charles Lee said: "Richard Wright's autobiography, Black Boy, may very possibly go down as one of the most memorable books of our time, a kind of twentieth-century Uncle Tom's Cabin..."
W.E.B. Du Bois, New Your Herald Tribune said: "Richard Wright uses vigorous and straightforward English; often there is real beauty in his words even when they are mingled with sadism. Charles Lee said this because Black Boy really is a book that will touch everyone, and Write had a lot to say. W.E.B. Du Bois said this because Wright really knew how to write, he did amazing and it was beautiful. However, he did have a lot of hurt and anger towards people in south, which he used his words to convey. How did BLACK BOY convey it's main theme, point and mood? Did it fulfill its purpose? It showed it's main theme through his experiences that he went through. His points were shown through examples as well as experiences he went through that showed what he wanted to tell the reader. He conveyed the mood very nicely. It was as if you were there in the story with him; whatever he was feeling, you were feeling as well. It did fulfill it's purpose because it got people to think. Evaluation I really liked this book. The writing was very well done, and it made me feel as though I were experiencing everything with him. I agreed with the main purpose. It showed hard things were for the black people in the south, as well as in the North, but mostly in the South. I felt as he did; nobody should ever be treated the way that black people were treated. He had no choice, he was just thrown into a race that was hated by the ones with all the power, only because of the color of their skin, and it just isn't right. The writer, Richard Wright, did an amazing job of writing this book. After reading this book, I can honestly say that besides the vulgar language, I would not change a thing.
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