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No description

Ashley Emerton

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Midas

What he regreted
After the big wish, he saw that he was VERY rich! Well, he realized one little problem. HE COULD NOT EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He asked for Dionysus to take the wish back and he said yes!!
Hope you enjoyed! :D
Whats he like
Madis is very greedy and foolish! He is also known for...... you guessed it! For turning every thing into gold and being very wealthy!
How it happened.
A diffrent god named Silnus fell asleep in Madis' garden. Madis was nice and helped him get home. Silnus had a friend named Dionysus. For al of Madis' help, they granted him one wish. Without thinking he wished for every thing he toughed to turn to gold!
Who he is
Midas is a man who wished for everything he touched the turn to gold!
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