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Introduction to Hospital Pharmacy

FAR 461.2 Lecture

Balamurugan Tangiisuran

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to Hospital Pharmacy

Coordinator: Dr. Balamurugan Tangiisuran
FAR 461.2
Hospital Pharmacy

Pharmacy Management

Balamurugan Tangiisuran, PhD
Discipline of Clinical Pharmacy
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Introduction to
Hospital Pharmacy

Final Exam
20% Quiz
30% Clerkship
10% OSPhE
4 Long questions
Aseptic Dispensing
Hospital Pharmacy
In patient
& Ward
Out patient & Counselling
Provide 24 hrs services
The whole range of services
365 days annually
On-Call Pharmacists
Monitoring patient therapy in the ward
Therapeutic Medical Intervention
Working in team
Clinical Pharmacy Monitoring
Patient Monitoring
Pharmacist monitors the patient to ensure the desired outcome is achieved
Working as a team with Doctor, Nurses, Dietitian, Nutritionist and others
Development of Pharmacy Practice
The main role of pharmacy:
Prior to 1980
Procurement of pharmaceuticals and non pharmaceuticals
Inventory control
Supply of pharmaceuticals and non pharmaceuticals
History of Pharmacy Practices
Intensive care
Infectious Diseases
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
To provide treatment to drug addiction and ensure the compliance
Use Direct Observational therapy (DOT)
Provide patient education and monitoring
Started 2005
Methadone Replacement Therapy

Medication Therapeutic Adherence Clinic (MTAC)
Started with patient medication counseling in 1978*
Service oriented
Patient oriented services take place gradually
Documentation of impacts

Source: MOH Annual report 2000
Thank You
Development of Pharmacy Practice
Aseptic Dispensing Services

IV Admixture
Parenteral Nutrition
Cytotoxic reconstitution
Other sterile products
Development of Pharmacy Practice
Drive through-medication supply

Provide convenience drug collection to medication refill
Patient have to call within 2 hrs before drug collection time
Ensure patient receives medication at shortest time
Supply to general outpatient
Specialist Clinic patients
Outpatient Pharmacy Service
Pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical supply
Ensure adequate and continuous supply of medication and non medication to the hospital
Goods are safely stored in accordance to standard requirements of quality environment practice
Pharmaceutical production and repacking
Responsible for the preparation of drugs dosage form not available in market
Repacking into more convenience unit for dispensing and reduce error
Comply to GMP
Pharmacist demonstrate on the appropriate use of medical devices.
Counseling is given individually and in group
Ward Counseling – for most of discharged patients

Provides information to the staff and publics
DIS produces regular reports and bulletins
Provide resources to the staff and students
Development of Pharmacy Practice
The first TDM service was established in 1983
Currently all general hospitals providing TDM services
Ward supply:
Unit dose system
Unit of use
Floor stock
Ready for administration
Development of Pharmacy Practice
Transfer of skill - Attachment of pharmacists at excellence center
How do we
achieve these ?
Drug supply to the ward:
Bulk supply
Floor stock
Nurses have to prepare the final measurement
History of Pharmacy Practices
Drug Information Service
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