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I am scared!!!!!!!!!

Ann pal

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of OCTOPHOBIA

Anthophobia Anthophobia is the fear of flowers.It should not be mixed up with Anthrophobia, the fear of people.The people who have it know that flowers can't hurt you in any way, (unless you are allergic to them) but there sub-conciousness has linked to the thought of flowers. Symtoms Here is the symtoms in my words: You see a flower and run away sceaming.Now lets put it in more scientific words.If you are suffering from Anthophobia,you are probably feeling fear, dread,anxiety, have a rapid heartbeat, are short on breath,and you try to avoid them as much as possible. Causes Anthophobia is mainly caused by something that happened in your past. It doesn't always happen because of that . Sometimes it happens with no reason at all! My life as a phobia By: octophobia the seventh My origin I, am octophobia. Iam the fear of the number 8. I am created by the unconcious mind. My parents named me after the greek word octo (8) and the greek word phobia, meaning fear. I am very common and usually linked to superstition.This history can be traced to ancient Persia and Norse mythology. I am located in the almond, which tells you if you should fight or flight. Your almond will definatly going to be telling you to fly away. In this prezi Iwill be telling you all about my life and my job. My causes There is many different reasons why you may get me, octophobia. For one, lets say you were watching or were doing figure 8 in the ice. You may feel like its an endless cycle and that you will never get out.Also, maybe you went to an auto race track that is shaped like an eight. There is even a race track that calls itself F.E.A.R. Figure Eight Auto Racing. My symptoms When you have me, there will be symptoms.Some of those symptoms are: extreme anxiety, dread, panic, shortness of breath, rapid breathing,difficulty breathing,irregular heartbeat, nausea, dry mouth,sweating, diffuculty speaking, and shaking. He he he, I cause a lot a symptoms.:) Treatments Sadly, there is a way you can get rid of me. There are alot of ways actualy.Even though I don't want to, I shall now list them.
2 Fun Facts: * In Chinese and other Asian culters, 8 is a lucky number. *NE, SE ,SW,NW,S.N.E.and W are our 8 main directions. Sadly, there is a ways you can get rid of me.And even though I don't want to, Iwill list some of them for you to see.
3. Hypotherapy
5.Nero-linguistic programing
6.Person forced to face there fear
7.counter conditioning- Learning to replace anxiety and fear with relaxation techniques
*Folding a paper more than 8 times is impossible. *The 8th element is oxygen, which we can't live without. GF
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