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Maps and Globes

Learn about maps and globes and how to read them, learn about meridians, parallels of latitude, the cardinal and intermediate directions, time zones and hemispheres

Jonathon Barron

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Maps and Globes

Maps Globes A map is a scale version of the world in a plane form A globe is a scaled version of the world in a sphere form Scale A scale says how many times the actual thing has been reduce Hemispheres Northern Southern Eastern Western Advantages Globes more accurate & are not distorted Disadvantage Globes
not portable,
do not show detail,
more expensive than maps,
no thematic globes Maps are cheaper, show detail, can show themes (thematic maps), be used for comparing things, can be put into a book called an atlas, are portable Maps are distorted b/c the earth is not flat
can distort shape, area, direction, and distance Types Mercator-
used by ship navigators
How do you identify it?
It is square,
the latitude and longitude lines are at right angles
the top and bottom of the map are heavily distorted (Greenland is ginormous!) Polar The Polar projection is used by airline pilots because it shows the shortest distance between two points
How do you identify it?
It is a circle
It only shows one hemisphere
The latitude lines are circles
The longitude lines radiate from the center Robinson The Robinson projection is used to compare data.
How do you identify it?
It has curved sides
The longitude lines curve towards the north and south pole Political maps show man-made features such as cities, states, provinces, territories, or countries Political maps show man-made features such as cities, states, provinces, territories, or countries Thematic maps show specific types of information. Here are some examples of thematic maps:
Qualitative maps
Flow line maps
Population distribution and density
Economic activity
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