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Innovation of Elevators

No description

Danielle Fea

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Innovation of Elevators

Innovation of Elevators
Presentation By:
Danielle Knox and Reyna Munoz

Mrs. Kraus
3rd Hour I.E.D.
The Original Elevator
a.) When was the product invented?
The earliest elevators date back to 3rd century BC

b.) What need did the product address?
It addressed the need to move quickly between several floors without using stairs.

c.) Who invented the product?
It is unknown due to several ancient elevators found in many countries in Europe.

e.) What materials were originally used to make the product?
Cut stone slabs made of rock found in the area found in the area and flaxen or cotton ropes were used to make the first primitive elevators.
Patents on the Elevator
d.) List any existing patents.
These are the current patents on different types of elevators.
f.) How was the project originally made?
The earliest elevators dates back to primitive 3rd century BC and were operated by slaves pulling up a stone platform using ropes.

g.) Why were these improvements made?
Improvements have been made on the elevator to make it more efficient, able to carry more weight, and quicken it's speed.
The Elevator's Impact
h.) Who uses the product?
Every modern human on Earth.

i.) What is the global impact on society of the invention and subsequent innovations?
The elevator made skyscrapers possible and quick commute time from floor to floor.

j.) If you had the ability to change this product in any way, what would you change?
Making the elevator able to hold more weight while simultaneously speeding it up would be the best way to change it.
How The Elevator Was Made
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