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Our marketing activities

No description

Jeremy Levitt

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Our marketing activities

Our Marketing Activities 1. Search engine marketing (Google & Bing) to get new customers to post jobs

2. Calling customers (to post more jobs) & businesses (to trial our site)

3. Search engine optimisation to increase traffic to the website

4. Trade partnerships to get visitors to other websites to come to our website We use lots of different marketing techniques to get new customers & businesses to use ServiceSeeking.com.au. Search engine marketing Let's see some examples We buy "keywords" from search engines like Google and Bing so that when people search for services, like "Cleaners", "Painters" or "Graphic Designers", they will discover ServiceSeeking.com.au SEM means "Search Engine Marketing" We buy keywords on Google & Bing so search engines show our ads when people search for services.

The process of purchasing keywords from Search Engines so that people click on our advertisements is called SEM or Search Engine Marketing.

Our ads will show at the top of the search results or on the right hand side of the search results. Lets search for a "Painter" We purchase the keyword "painter" and use our pricing data to encourage visitors to find their painter on ServiceSeeking.com.au.

You will see in this next example that our advertisement talks about "painters from $25/hour" when all our competitors talk about "House Painter in Sydney" , "Find Painters" or "Quality Painters".

Visitors are more likely to click on our advertisement because we mention that you can find painters on our site from "$25/hour". The pricing message is very important to the success of our SEM. Another example... Let's search for "concreting" We purchase the keyword "concreting" and once again, use our pricing data to let potential visitors know that they can find concreters on our site from $18/hour. If you click the advertisement, you will arrive at a landing page on our website that is completely tailored to the keyword you were searching for.

We also repeat the pricing message which helps customers feel comfortable that they are going to find what they were searching for. We buy 100,000s of keywords across more than 30 different industries to drive jobs & business sign ups to the site One of the problems with our search engine marketing is that people sometimes think that we are just a website for "painters" or "concreting". To solve this problem, we have dedicated staff to call our customers to ask if they need anything else done. By calling each customer, we can tell everyone over the phone that we are a full "service marketplace" with more than 40,000 different businesses ready to send quotes. By encouraging customers to post more than one job, we can turn a customer with one job into a customer with many jobs. This lowers the cost of acquiring that customer. Almost 20% of the jobs posted on ServiceSeeking.com.au come from calls to our customers. We are in business with several companies who drive targeted traffic to our site Truelocal.com.au Our first trade partner

One of Australia's largest business directories

We provide the "Get Quotes" platform for their business When visitors post a job on Truelocal, the job is then posted on ServiceSeeking.com.au and our businesses can quote on the jobs.

Truelocal's businesses also register on our site to win more customers Realestate.com.au Our second trade partner is Realestate.com.au, which is Australia's largest property website

We provide them articles about our services pricing data which their visitors can read. They can then click through to our site and post a job. We produce great content on our website which Google indexes for free

Our content editor, Karina May, writes stories about all of our popular categories

Our links appear in Google in the natural results Search Engine Optimisation is all about having great content Calling Customers to get them to post more jobs Trade Partnerships
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