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Ebook Design Presentation

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Tanya Trusler

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Ebook Design Presentation

Ebook EVO - Design Presentation
My Grammar Ebook
For many years now, I've wanted to create an English grammar ebook. It will be geared toward adult intermediate-level learners, but I hope that other ages and levels will be able to use it as well. It will also serve as a grammar guide for teachers.

Goals for Students
The goal of this ebook is to make grammar fun! It will be colourful and interactive, going far beyond the typical explanation + written practice style.

I like this layout by Jason Renshaw for those reasons:

Goals for Teachers
I will include visuals such as charts and graphs to clarify grammar points. Teachers can use them to teach or copy them out on the board as they explain the grammar step by step.

Jason Renshaw's idea of adapting units to MS Word or PDF files (for his writing course) would work well for my grammar ebook. Teachers will have the flexibility and freedom to present many of the charts and exercises online or as handouts.
Things to Include
Steve Katz compiled a great list of things to include in an ebook, based on suggestions from his students. I will try to include most of these things to maximize interaction and interest. Let's liven up grammar!

Audio, video, games...the possibilities are endless! I hope that students and teachers alike will find my ebook useful and fun.
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