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Copy of Expository Writing Text Structures

No description

Pamela Allen

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Expository Writing Text Structures

Expository Writing Text Structures
The main idea of this video clip is to show the year each Nintendo console came out. They put in the year 1977 to the latest in 2009. This shows overall how successful Nintendo has been at creating consoles over the years.
The problem in this infomercial is that people are suffering from being too cold in their homes. They don't want to turn up the heat due to higher energy bill prices, so their solution is a blanket with arms: The Snuggie.
In this video, the author is trying to tell its audiences that because people speed and don't pay enough attention while driving, the results could be fatal.
In this video, the audience is being given 2 similar products and being shown ways that they are alike and ways they are different.
In this video, the author is describing the attractive features the Ford Focus has to offer and gives examples about how your life could be better if you had one (like gettin' the ladies).
This is when the author lists items or events in numerical or chronological sequence. Example: Biography of a person's life, timeline of important events, etc...
The signal words to look for in text:
first, second, third..., later, next, before, after, when, later previously
Signal words to look for:
the problem is, the dilemma is,
if/then, because,
question/answer, solution
Signal words to look for:
if/then, as a result, because,
consequently, hence, due to
Signal words to look for:
similarly, however,
on the other hand, also,
in contrast, either/or,
alike, different

Signal words to look for:
for example, characteristics,
for instance, such as, like,
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