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Academic Alert Flowchart

Processes and procedures of Academic Alert

Jelisa Sinn-Braswell

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Academic Alert Flowchart

Faculty Referral
Academic Alert Procedure
48 hours
Student Takes Action
First follow-up by Academic Alert Advisor
One week
Second contact attempt by Academic Alert Advisor
Academic Alert Advisor
No Response
Successful Student Contact Procedures:
Advising (taking action)
Referral (to Designated Responder)
Enter appointment/drop-in SARS
After referral submission, the student, referring faculty, Designated Responders, and Academic Alert Advisor receive the email below
DR & AAA will have additional Faculty comments to reference. This will be written in red.
Includes one or more:
Alert Maintenance
SARS Drop-In: Successful Student Contact
SARS GRID: Appointments
Through the referral system, Instructors have access to comments made by the Academic Alert Advisor or Designated Responder.
Postcard sent to student
Email sent to faculty
Once the process is complete, an email is sent to faculty and the student letting them know the Alert Referral has been satisfied
Service Area Response Email
Student Services Referrals
Learning Assistance
Subject Area
Computer Help
Library Resource Center
Women's Center
Financial Aid
Veteran's Affairs/CMVE
Speak to Instructor
Enrollment Services
Dean of Students
Walk students over or provide contact info

• Student intake process: from referral to final course outcome

• Content of referrals: suggested relevant referral form concerns for a faculty referral program

• Faculty and student feedback: hear what they say and their suggestions for improving the program

• Transition to SAILS

• Questions/Comments

Learning Assistance
Tracking system allows students to sign in so the Academic Alert Advisor can follow-up with the referral
 8 faculty Participated
 All were very familiar with the Academic Alert program
 ½ have already recommended it to their peers and all of them will recommend it in the future
 All believe it’s an efficient way to help students in need
 Of those faculty members that have already referred students to the resource:
1. Many of them saw a positive change in their students
2. If they did not, they attribute this to the students role in the process (not leaving the correct contact information and thus not being contacted, choosing not to take the recommendations of campus resources etc.)
What they like about the program:
 Convenience and ease of use
 That there is another person invested in seeing their students succeed
 That they have support and receive updates from the advisor throughout the process

What do they want next: The ability to update an existing submission and follow-up with the student and Alert Advisor throughout the semester

 15 students participated
 13 of 15 said they were contacted (that 2 that were not had been called but there contact information was not correct, postcards were sent)
All Of the students who chose to meet with their alert advisor and take action:
 Received a referral to the tutoring center
 Felt the academic alert program was very helpful
 Have seen a positive change in their academic success
Overall students liked that through the program they received a “wake up call” but were then “encouraged” and “supported” by their advisor

What do they want next: More communication and follow-up throughout the semester.

Questions and Comments
Transition to SAILS
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