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Promotional Plan

No description

Khtea Mo

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Promotional Plan

Melody & Khtea Promotional Plan Content Executive Summary CAMPING Mission Statement
Set up a simulation tent in order to attract people’s attention and let people have fun in experiencing the camping.
Make camping as a well-known recreational sport for the people.
After visiting our simulation tent, people would be interest to participate in camping.
It is the opportunity for us to maximize the net profit within the products. Target Market Our target market is the office workers. Since the office workers always sit in front of the computer in the office, they do not have enough exercise to keep themselves healthy. Long working hours gave employees too much pressure during the daily routines. They only focus on their career without any practices and exercises. It is important and necessary for them to find a good way to escape their pressure and busy life. Executive Summary
Mission Statement
Promotional Plan
Appendices Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is an athletic equipment business. MEC inspires and enable everyone to lead active outdoor lifestyles. Athletic equipment, clothing, and services will be the major products for sale.
Camping equipment is the best selling products of MEC. As for MEC’s mission, they want to aspire to be the most viable, vibrant outdoor retail business in Canada. They aimed to encourage people to be passionate on sports rather than profit seeking only. They convinced the consumers to enjoy within the sports instead of the format as a training class or gym activities. In the early 20th century, camping became one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. Campers frequently activated at national or state parks. Those sites were the methodologies that associated the campers to learn self-reliance and teamwork. Camping becomes a new way for people to relax themselves. Theme Camping,
a new way to escape Our objective is to make camping become a well-know sport for office workers who are full of pressure to have a new way to escape and to relax. We will set up a “simulation tent” for customers to provide a place to let them experience camping and relax themselves. We aimed to attract customers to our store and get into our tent for having a camping experience. The purpose is to let them have an interest to go camping. If they have interests to go camping, it will increase the abilities of consuming products in the same time. SUMMARY We will set up a “simulation tent” for promoting camping activity to attract customers to purchase camping products in our company.
In our “simulation tent”, green is our main color that means relax, fresh and natural. We are going to create a natural environment by using natural video and music, such as bird sound in the tent.
The tent raised peoples’ interest on camping, which helped to promote our camping equipment products. We convince the people who joins our activity to sign up a lifetime membership for free, which enabled themselves to be able to buy products. Coupons considered to be a gift in return for the joining of memberships. In addition, mass media persuade to be our major methodology to promote our products and tools Statement of
promotional objective MEDIA *** set up a website for our event and upload the link in our company website. It is convenient to promote and post the main event in it.
*** print out the contents as promotional flyers and distribute it into varieties of areas.
*** create a commercial to promote our event to attract customers’ eyes.
*** social networking is a tool for consumption. We will upload our commercial in Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to let more people know this activity. Website http://mec.snack.ws/ Evaluation & Follow up

We plan that there are around 200 people will visit our simulation tent per day. So the total visitors will be around 400 people. After this activity, we plan that there are 80% of the visitors will be interested in camping and 40% will buy our products.
When people are joining our event, they can sign up or write down their contact information. We would also ask our customers to do a survey to sustain and improve the quality with accurate statistical measurements. As a result, we will know that our event is good enough or not. Also, we could base on those measurements to adjust our product and the next promotion target. We will also send an email to them about related camping equipment issues. We are going to use telemarketing method as well to collect the empirical data to provide the foundation of the next marketing research. Spending Budget ** “Simulation tent” Posters making -- $60 for 100 Pages
** Decoration for Simulation tent--$30
** Material for setting $10 (Including paper, pens, type and other Stationeries))
**Insurance expense: $100 X 2=$200 ** Rent location: High Park 1873 Bloor St(Bloor St & Keele)
Permit Rates: $128 X 2 = $256
(Not including damage fee)
**Rent Tent from Business:
Rent expense: 1) Small tent: $20 X 3=60
2) Big tent: $60
Total rent expense: $120
Total expenses: $676 Spengding Budget Creat a website about our activity.
Upload videos, and posters and some details of our activity (location, time, gift). Posting posters in the main shopping centers, YMCA, schools, subway stations. Release our commercial on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Simulation tent will be set up in High Park .The location is 1873 Bloor St. Since the office workers only have free time on weekends. “Simulation tent” will be hold a weekend to let the customers have enough time to visit our tent and have an interesting experience. MAY 5 MAY 11 MAY 12 MAY 18-19 Ada, Simon, Ken......

--Finance Jack
--Follow up John
--Set up Staffing responsibilities
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