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Hero's Journey

THurnau Odyssey project

natalie Corey

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

The final step away from everything the hero's known. There's no turning back now. Stage 1:
Departure Stange 2:
Initiation Stage 3:
Return Freedom to live Start Call to adventure when the hero finally achieves the quest. He accepts his responsibility. Crossing of the Return Threshold The hero is able to live in peace with himself and accepts death when it comes to him. Hero's Journey By Nataie Corey Belly of the Whale Ultimate boon The hero returns with newly gained wisdom on his quest. The hero is living a normal life when he is called off to go on an adventure or quest. 1: In Lord of the Rings. The wizard Gandalf shows up and tells Frodo that he needs to take the ring to Rivendell. 2: When Dean Winchester shows up at his brother Sam's apartment asking for help in finding their missing father. 3: When the Doctor asks his compaion Amy, "Other planets, Wanna check them out?" Refusal to the call In the begnning the hero is cautious and refuses the call to adventure. 1: When Donna first refuses the Doctor's invitation to travel with him. 2: In the Hobbit, Bilbo decides not to go with the Dwarves because he is a "respectable hobbit." 3: When Luke refuses to help Obi-wan find and rescue the princess. Supernatural Aid The hero's magical guide and magical helper appears. It could be a friend, mentor, equipment, or a new power. 1: In the book Divergent, Tris finds out that she is Divergent and fits in more than one Faction which puts her life in danger. 2: In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Harry is given an invisibility cloak by Dumbledore. 3: The TARDIS and the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver come in handy during the Doctor's many adventures with his companions. Crossing of the first Threshold This is the point where the hero crosses in to the world of adventure. Where they leave what they know behind and explore an unknown world 1:In The Lord of the Rings Sam stops in the middle of a field and says to Frodo "If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been." 2: In Sherlock, John decides to go out and Help Sherlock investigate his case instead of unpacking. 3: Stitch crashes to Earth in his stolen spaceship crossing the first threshold. 1: When Frodo volunteers to take the ring to Mordor and the Fellowship is formed. 2: In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Harry decides that they need to go find the rest of Voldemort's Horcurxes and Ron and Hermione join him. 3: In Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, the belly of the whale is the Warg attack of the Refugees of Rohan Road of Trials This step is a series of trials the hero has to go through in order to change and succeed in his journey 1: In The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship fight their way through to go through the mines of Moria, Gandalf is lost fighting the Balrog. 2:In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Harry, Hermione, and Ron go through the trapdoor on the 3rd floor and go through a series of trials. 3: In Tangled, Flynn and Rapunzel have to escape from the guards and Flynns "companions" Meeting with the Goddess This is the point in the story where a little romance is added. The hero meets someone that changes their life because of love. 1: When Harry burns of Quirrell's flesh because of his mother's love. 2: In Supernatural, Dean's life is changed when Castiel the angel shows up after reviving Dean from Hell. 3: When Tris meets Four in the book Divergent, and Four helps her overcome her fears. Woman as Temptress
When the hero faces temptations that may lead him to abandon his quest. 1: When Ruby tempts Sam to drink Demon blood after Dean goes to Hell. 2: The woman in Frodo's case is the Ring as he struggles to carry it to Mordor and not give in to it's power 3: Irene Adler Tempts Sherlock away from John because Sherlock is too interested in figuring out Irene. Atonement with the Father The hero must confront what ever is holding the major part in his life 1: When Simba is confused and hurt Mufasa appears in the clouds telling him to remember who he is. 2: In the Fox and the Hound Copper has to stand up to his owner when he steps in front of Todd to stop him from being killed 3: When Aragorn comes to his senses and realizes that in order to save Middle Earth he must go to the Valley of the Fallen Kings and summon the ghosts. Apotheosis when the hero is finally figuring out what he has to sacrifice 1: When Simba realizes that he has to take down Scar to save the Lionesses at Pride Rock. 2: When Harry Potter realizes that he has to die in order for Voldemort to be killed and excepts the fate. 3: When Sherlock realizes that he has to jump off of the building if he wants to save John, Lestrade, and Ms. Hudson from Moriarty 1: When Frodo succeeds in throwing the ring and Gollum into the pits of Mount Doom 2: In Supernatural, when Sam throws himself into Lucifer's cage even though he knows that he won't return. 3: When the Doctor resets the universe and goes through the cracks in time so that they close and Amy can have a normal life. Refusal of the Return Having found other more interesting in the other world the hero may not want to return 1: When Bilbo Baggins is reluctant to leave his new dwarf friends and their new home. 2: When there's nothing more that Gondor can do but wait and Aragorn decides to go out and meet orcs at the gates of Mordor 3: When Simba refuses to return to Pride Rock when Nala asks him to. Magic Flight The hero is not always immediately out of danger after the boon and then have to escape 1: After throwing the ring into Mount Doom, the volcano erupts and Sam and Frodo are rescued by the eagles. 2: When The TARDIS is turned into a person and an alien takes the TARDIS the Doctor and his TARDIs arrives but they must force the alien out before they can be safe 3: Even after Voldemort is killed Hogwarts is still falling apart. 1: When the hobbits ride back into the shire on their ponies to find that the hobbits have been clueless about what's been going on in the large world. 2: When Simba climbs up Pride Rock and roars to the other lionesses after Scar is defeated. 3: When Zuko returns home to the Fire Nation to become Fire Lord after his father Ozai is defeated. Master of Two Worlds The hero achieves balance in his world because of the adventure he's experienced. 1: Aang is now a full blown Avatar and he masters both the physical and spiritual world 2: Jesus is able to return to the ordinary world after ressurection 3: Simba instores balance in the world and the animals come back and he becomes king of Pride Rock 1: SamWise Gamgee Marries Rosie and has children of his own after he returns from Mordor 2:Simba has a daughter of his own, Kiara who inherets Pride Rock after he passes 3: After Sam sacrifices himself to put Satan beck in the cage Dean is able to find a family to love him and finds a home with them.
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