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book report

caterina mowbrey

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Fangirl

Rainbow Rowell
By Caterina Mowbrey

Protagonist Analysis
Rainbow Rowell is a successful female author who lives in Nebraska. Rainbow aims to please the audience of teenagers and adults, in books such as 'Attachments and landlines', 'Elanor and Park' and 'Fangirl'. Though the books she writes may have completely different plots and story lines, they are always about people who think they have messed up their life, and people who fall in love.
Mrs. Rowell is also a die-hard Disney fan and enjoys her often trips to Disney Land and Disney World.
Most of the book, Fangirl, takes place in Cath and Reagan's dorm room, on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. The minute you walk in, you immediately get a sense of claustrophobia. The door will hit the bed if you attempt to swing it the whole way open, not to mention they managed to cram two beds in there! The walls are a light brown colour, and the small, repulsive window is anything but appealing. On the next wall are two cramped desks, piled with heavy books. Further to the right, on the same wall as the door, is a mediocre sized closet, spilling over with the girls' clothes.
The protagonist of Fangirl is Cather Avery. In this novel, Cather, or Cath, is trying to get through college, but constantly has distractions thrown at her. Physical attributes may include:
Bottom heavy, curvy.
Fanfiction based clothing.
Pale skin.
Ray Ban New Wayferer glasses.
Bushy eyebrows.
Brown hair - always in an up-do.
Mental attributes:
-In this novel, Cath is the main character. She writes fanfiction, gets top marks, and has extreme social anxiety problems. Every plot twist or event that happens in this novel is described in a way that affects Cath's life.
Antagonist Analysis

The first antagonist would be Wren. Wren is the reason Cath always feels like the "ugly twin". without Wren making Cath feel this way, if Cath was bold and outgoing and popular, this book really wouldn't have a plot.
Physical attributes:
Blonde, cropped hair
Slim but curvy
Round face
Scandalous clothing
Bushy eyebrows
Mental attributes:
In this novel, Wren is the antagonist. She's the reason Cath is insecure. If Cath wasn't insecure, then she wouldn't have fallen for Levi, she wouldn't have been caught in the Nick situation, and she wouldn't have made the friends she did. Wren is constantly fighting Cath to be the "fun twin", and causing her constant troubles and obstacles.
Did you know the website Tumblr used Fangirl as its first official book for their book club?
Other common settings in the book take place at:
Mr. Avery's house
Cath's fiction writing class
The library
Levi's truck
The hospital
Cath and her twin sister, Wren, have drifted apart ever since they began college. Now Cath is learning to exist on her own, without her sister always being there for her. Cath is discovering how to do things on her own, trust others, and fall in love.
Part 1
Antagonist Analysis
Part 2
The second antagonist in this novel is Cath herself. She's limiting herself from going outside of her comfort zone. She's too afraid to take risks and is oblivious of what she could have. She over-thinks what others might think of her, and so she's too scared to do anything, in the fear that others will judge her.
What Cath doesn't realize is she's the one holding herself back. No one is stopping her from doing what she wants to do and living the life she wants to live. Cath has full power over her own life.
Person vs. Self
Connection to Song
I chose the song
Because it represents how Cath has to let go of her past, and move on into another phase of her life.
The lyrics "It's one door swinging open, and one door singing closed," shows that Cath needs to let go of the person she was before, and find a new path. This is also an example of Cath vs. herself; the part of her she's fighting against doesn't want her to change, though Cath herself is wanting to find her own way.
The theme of Fangirl is "stepping outside the box". Cath, the protagonsit, has extreme social anxiety. She deals with angst of parental abandonment, fandoms and fanfiction pressure, being a freshman at a college, and befriending her roommates ex-boyfriend. As the story progresses, Cath becomes more comfortable with herself. She also learns how to move outside of her comfort zones, and understands what being in relationships and having responsibilities really means. Cath finally discovers that other people don't control her, and it shouldn't matter what other people think of her.
The tone of the book is sarcastic yet serious. The protagonist, Cath, does have issues, however, she deals with these serious issues in a sarcastic, relatable, type of manner.

The colour that I would associate with this book is blue. This is for the reason that you can have light, happy shades of blue, but you can also have dark, sad, and serious shades of blue. This represents how the book can switch from upbeat to solemn in an instant. In the same manner, blue also represents Cath's personality. Her inner antagonist, that voice in her head that tells her to be afraid, that's the dark shades of blue. The light shades of blue would belong to the part of her that wants to let go, doesn't want to be that socially awkward girl anymore.
Another lyric phrase is "It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't". Meaning she wants to get over her fear, her anxiety, and break down the brick wall she's been building for so long. However, she's safe when she hides in the shadows, and she isn't ready to take risks.
In the novel Fangirl, Levi is Reagan's ex-boyfriend, best friend, and Cath's new boyfriend. Levi is a kindhearted, funny, and clever kind of guy. He always knows what to say to make Cath feel better, and he always pushes her to go outside of her comfort zone. Levi works at Starbucks part-time, though can always be found in Cath and Reagan's room even when they aren't there. Often times, Cath will help Levi with studying, as he has dyslexia and it takes him far longer to do it by himself.
Physical attributes include:
Orange, "flowy" hair.
Tall and slim.
Hipster/vintage type clothing.
Pale skin.
Bushy, orange eyebrows.
In the novel Fangirl, Nick seems like the perfect guy; smart, funny and kind. However, as the story unfolds, you begin to see who he really is. He struggles with being able to put others before his school work. He also mistreats others, such as Cath, for selfish reasons. Nick is part of Cath's fiction writing class, and in the beginning of the book they do many projects together.
Mental Attributes of Nick:
Physical attributes of Nick include:
Dark brown, curly hair.
Ray Ban New Wayferer glasses.
Dark, bushy eyebrows.
Tan skin.
Average height, lightweight.
Reagan is Cath's spunky, confident and outgoing roommate. She would be your stereotypical university student; parties a little too hard and studies a little too less. Throughout the book, Reagan silently struggles with the fact that Cath is dating her ex-boyfriend, Levi, though becomes to overcome this jealousy when she realizes its shouldn't matter. Reagan is a great friend to Cath and always has her back. Though she may seem rough around the edges, her intentions are always for the greater good.
Physical attributes include:
Long and straight red hair.
Thin, brown eyebrows.
Heavy, dark eye makeup.
Full lips.
Scandalous clothing
Slim but curvy.
Mental attributes include:
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