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Courage Has No Color

No description

Kenyah Speigner

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Courage Has No Color

Courage Has No Color:The True Story of the Triple Nickles

Tanya Lee Stone
Tanya is a former editor and the Sibert Medal-winning author of Almost Astronauts 13. Her new book Courage Has No Color took seven years to make. During those seven years she had to gather information by doing research and gathering photos. Stone said" It has been an honor to get to know Morris and some of the other men. These men helped shape America and it's a shame that their story was never told. Well in this book I'm helping readers understand and know how the paratroopers history unfolded." Tanya lives in Vermont with her two wonderful children.
Vocab. Words

Valiantly~bold, courageous,brave
Sent:"Many soldiers had to fight valiantly in the Korean War."
Ant: Coward
Atrocities~extremely wicked or cruel
Seny:"Hitler wasn't even halfs bad as the atrocities black citizens encountered."
A little bit more
mettle~courage and fortitude
Sent:"the army should give them a chance to prove their mettle"
First Detailed Event
World War II is raging, and thousands of American soldiers are fighting overseas against the injustices brought on by Hitler. Back on the home front, the injustice of discrimination against African Americans plays out as much on Main Street as in the military. Enlisted black men are segregated from white soldiers and regularly relegated to service duties. At Fort Benning, Georgia, First Sergeant Walter Morris’s men serve as guards at The Parachute School, while the white soldiers prepare to be paratroopers. Morris knows that for his men to be treated like soldiers, they have to train and act like them, but would the military elite and politicians recognize the potential of these men as well as their passion for serving their country? Tanya Lee Stone examines the role of African Americans in the military through the history of the Triple Nickles, America’s first black paratroopers, who fought in a little-known attack on the American West by the Japanese. The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, in the words of Morris, "proved that the color of a man had nothing to do with his ability."

Rising and Falling Action
Rising Action~ After fighting fires for twelve hours and hiking 25 miles up road, bones aching, covered in grit and grime, all they wanted to do was rest.

Falling Action~ When they got to the motel the men that were working there slammed the door in their face and said " No colored allowed".
Was the story believable/entertaining?
This story was very believable because it was non-fiction. It was interesting because it allowed me to learn new things about the African-American men that helped integrate the army.
Main Character
The main characters of Courage Has No Color were the Triple Nickles. These were the first black paratroopers. Even though the country that these men lived in didn't treat them right or equally, they still fought for them. ~Protagonist~ Round~
Other Characters
Setting and Theme
The paratroopers first start off in Bennings, Georgia where they trained for an event they would never get to see. They then become smokejumepers when they are denied the right to be paratroopers, so they fight forest fires in Pendolton, Oregon and in Chico, California . The theme of Courage Has No Color was a story of men who overcame great odds and great prejudice. Stone tells the stories of the individual men against the backdrop of the time period and the racism that they all encountered in some way.
One of the conflicts in this book was that once WWII started, Japan sent over 9000 balloons with bombs attached to them. Well they thought they would stir up trouble but only 3 of them went off and killed 8 people.
The resolution was that we captured a majority of the bombs and defused them and took them to labs to do research on them. So Japan saw that they had failed so they stopped sending the balloons over to the US.
Figurative Language
"tough as nails and just as straight." Pg 13~Simile~

"The ground gets closer, rushing toward you as if wanting to swallow you whole."Pg 5 ~Metaphor~
First Quote
"Soldiers were fighting the world's worst racist, Adolph Hitler, in the world's most segregated army. "
~Stephen Amberose~

Second Quote
"Racial intolerance is undemocratic and un-American and can be defended on no intelligent grounds. Its existence in any degree in this country at a time when we are sacrificing our blood and our treasure for the destruction of fascism is an embarrassing contradiction; for racial intolerance is an element of fascism,"
~ Evans Fordyce
Final Quote
" We succeeded where we were not expected to succeed. And we overcame the pitfalls that were put there. We overcame. And its a warm feeling to know that, that color has nothing to do with it. Its whats in ones heart. Ones spirit. And that...should be a lesson to all of us. WE should have, and we will have, a colorless society one day. And that will be the crowning jewel in this great country's history.
~Walter Morris~
More Vocab.
detonated~to explode
Sen:" We had found a bomb that had not detonated yet."
Syn:set off
meticulousness:to show extreme care.
Sent: Our area was inspected with undue meticulousness."
Ant. Careless
Advocate~Support an argument.
Sent:"Logan and his fellow advocates also wanted African-Americans to be able to fullest labor duties."

Continued Vocab.
predominatly~mainly or most of
Sent:Biggs said that in Pendelton, a predominatly white town."
Tyranny~unrestrained amount of power.
Sent:"Americans are overseas fighting WWII to help keep the world free from Adolph's tyranny."
Almost Done!
banter~playful teasing remarks
Sent:"The usual banter was missing."
And Done!
sentiment~an attitude or opinion towards something
Sent:They were alone in this sentiment.
Second Detailed event
Another event that happened was when WWII had started the Japanese started to send over 9000 balloons with bombs attached. They made young school girls make the balloons out of Washi and they glued it together with konnyaku glue. They had to glue five layers just for one sheet .
Last Event
The last event was when Morris put his wings on his grandson Micheal Fowes. Morris ended his term of service January 1946. There are only 3 Triple Nickles still alive: Morris, Beavers, and Walden.
Why did/didn't this book hold your interest?
This book held my interest the entire time. It went from different events in order to help you piece it all together in your head. At one moment it was talking about civil rights, then it would jump to training , then Hitler, Japaneses bombing , and smokejumping so there was always a turn of events.
Why would/wouldn't you recommend this book for someone else.
I would recommend this book for someone that loves to learn new things every page because that is what you will get. This book allows you to see all the things these men went through to get the honor and rights they deserve. I would recommend this book for young adults.
The Triple Nickles
James M. Gavin
Ads That Made African Americans Seem Uneducated
Presented by: Kenyah Speigner
James M. Gavin~ The first white man to join the 555th Infantry Battillion.-Flat-

Japanese~sent 9000 bombs over to the US killing 3 people.~Round~Antagonist~

White American Soldiers~ Wouldn't allow the African- American soldiers to eat, drink, or sleep while they were apart of the white army.~Round~Antagonist~

This is Tanya Lee Stone
The first detailed event was when the men were training they had to go through stages. Stage A was jumping, doing push-ups, getting their body into physical shape for three weeks. B stage was learning how to operate their parachutes. C stage was when the men jumped from a thrity-four-foot tower. D stage was the moment to see if you were going to jump or not. The men were raised up to a 250 foot tall tower and they had to jump down, open the chute in time, and land correctly.
These are the surviving Triple Nickles:Walter Morris,Roger Walden,and Clarence Beavers
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