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Venus Vong

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Map of South Bank 1.1 South Bank has changed from being a meeting place for the Turrbal and Yuggera people to a very modern Queensland lifestyle precinct. Examples in the pictures below (Fig. 5, Fig. 6, Fig. 7) Refer to Fig.8 for Map of South Bank. 1.0 Background of South Bank History of South Bank By Venus Vong 1.2 Timeline 1840's Became a focus point of Early Europeans 1850's South Bank Precinct quickly became business city of Brisbane 1860's The first temporary wooden bridge was built, but was swept away in 1867 1870's 1880's South ward of the city of brisbane amalgamated with Woolloongabba to become the borough of South Brisbane. The dry dock at the Brisbane port at South Brisbane finished constructing. The barque Doon used the dock. The dock had reached its full length of 131 metres. 1890's 1900's 1910's 1910- Somerville House transferred to its present site, from Wickham Terrace. 1920's 1920- Brisbane State High School was established. Some old factories, warehouses and wharves were built. 1930's 1930- South Bank had established itself as a bustling river port and industrial zone that was buzzing with markets, wharves, dance halls and theaters.

1935- Brisbane's first Russian Orthodox congregation converted a cottage into a church.

1936- The Vulture street site was close to the wharves and warehouses which lined the river and to the Woolloongabba commercial area. In March it was used by the American Military Police. 1940's 1950's 1955- After the War, the old Town Hall was converted into residents for Brisbane City Council employees. The Queensland government acquired the building and converted it into accommodation for the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. 1960's The George Street- William Street became a government precinct that included the Government Printery and the first immigration Barracks, which became the headquarters of the agriculture Department. This area continues to be occupied by the government buildings. The buildings that were seen clearly from the South Brisbane side of the river in 1911, became partially obscured by the construction of the Riverside Expressway 1970's 1977- Because of the world war 2 people started to leave South Brisbane, so the Queensland government decided to build the world class, architecturally impressive Performing Arts Centre on the riverfront alongside the Victoria Bridge made little impact on the area's decline. Fig. 3 1980's 1984- When it was selected as the site for World Expo '88, South Bank had been reduced to a near-derelict port with a couple of old hotels and a handful of industrial buildings.

1985- the eyes of the world were focused on South Bank as it hosted the hugely successful Brisbane World Exposition. The event showcased an almost continuous program of entertainment and events.

1989- There were South Bank Parkland plans. Of today. 1870- The first permanent bridge (Victoria Bridge) was built.

1875- The dry dock at the Brisbane port at South Brisbane was designed by WD. Nesbit, a chief engineer for Harbors and Rivers.

1876- Business district relocated to higher grounds because of floods. The dry dock at the Brisbane port at South Brisbane started to construct.

1877-South Bank became as a bustling river port and industrial zone that had markets, wharves, dance halls and theatres 1890- The first permanent bridge (Victoria bridge) was swept away by the floods

1899- The dock was used as a swimming pool by the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association after its formation. Somerville House was founded by E.A Fewings. 1990's 1990- Other convict settlement buildings were gradually replaced by more permanent structures, including the large Treasury building; the Executive Building, converted into a hotel. The elegant small town hall with its distinctive corner tower was constructed for the South Brisbane Council. 2000's 2008- The Brisbane wheel opened (Fig.1 ) 2010- Construction commenced on the ABC's new headquarters. The building was constructed by Leighton Contractors Pty Limited and designed by Queensland architect Richard Kirk. Construction commenced on River Quay, the precinct's premier waterfront dining destination. River Quay was designed by award winning architects Arkhefield and landscape architects Cardno S.P.L.A.T. Construction began on Rain Bank, South Bank's stormwater harvesting and reuse project. Rain Bank was a collaborative effort between South Bank Corporation. Stirlock Constructions Pty Ltd, McLachlan Lister Pty Ltd, Blight Tanner Pty Ltd, Gamble McKinnon Green Pty Ltd, Turner & Townsend, Webb Australia Group and Edwards Irrigation Consultants. (Fig. 2)

2013/Now- South Bank is home to many facilities, like performing arts centres, museums, universities and many more. 2010's Contents History of South Bank 1.0 Background of South Bank

1.1 General Introduction
1.2 Timeline of South Bank 2.0 How has South Bank been modified and managed? 2.1 Physically/ Environmentally
2.2 Socially/ Culturally 3.0 How has the past impacted the present 4.0 Future management and improvement of South Bank 4.1 Recommendations for the future management and improvement of South Bank 4.2 Justification why the changes are necessary 5.0 Data Gathering Methods 5.1 Discuss how data for the assignment was gathered (primary/ secondary) 5.2 Were there any limitations could have been improved? 2020's 5.3 How these limitations could be improved 6.0 List of references 4.0 Future management and improvement of South Bank 2.0 How has South Bank been modified and managed? 2.1 Physically and Environmentally? 2.0 How has South Bank been modified and managed? 2.2 Socially and Culturally? 3.0 has the past impacted the present? 5.0 Gathering Methods 5.1 Disucss how data for the assignment was gathered (Primary/ Secondary)? Most of the information was gathered on a particular book (secondary), some of the information was gathered on websites (secondary) and some was gathered on the excursion to South Bank (primary) 5.2 Were There any Limitations to the process? Yes, they were. Everything that was found whether it was a website or a library or going out to South Bank was talking about the past, hardly anything for the future. 5.3 How could these limitations could have been improved? During the South Bank excursion there could of been interviews on some of the employees of companies, to identify what their plan for the future is and the budget to cover that. 6.0 List of References
ABC 2013, Local History - South Bank, viewed 2013, <http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2006/03/10/1588489.htm>.
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Wilson, Owen 2011, Owen Wilson Photography, viewed 2013, <http://www.owenwilson.com.au/taxonomy/term/12/all?page=3>. fig. 1 - eye of Brisbane Ferris wheel - (Wot To Do 2008) Friendship stone with Australia and Korea Friendship stone with Australia and Japan Confucius statue gifted to Australia by China Confucius statue plaque Bougainvillea Fig 2- Victoria Bridge- John Oxley Library Fig. 3 - Performing Arts centre Arbour South Bank- Wilson Brisbane's South Bank Parklands, Photo: Queensland Tourism The man-made lagoon and South Bank in South Bank - Queensland Tourism Plouch Inn Man Made Beach City Cat The Pond Fig.5 - Brisbane Wheel- Wot to do - QLD Pics. Fig. 6 - Peanut Threshing Durong Fig. 7 - Victoria Bridge Brisbane - QLD Pics. Fig.8 - South Brisbane Locally - Queensland government - Translink Transit authority Refer to Fig.8 Fig. 9 - Vong, V (photograph), 2013, Plouch Inn, South Bank Brisbane Fig. 10 - Vong, V (photograph), 2013, City Cat, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 11 - Vong, V (photography), 2013, Man Made Beach, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 12 - Vong, V (photography), 2013, The Pond, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 13 - Vong, V (phtography), 2013, Bougainvillea, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 14 - Vong, V (photograph), 2013, Confucius plaque, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 15 - Vong, V (photograph), 2013, Confucius statue, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 16 - Vong, V (photograph), 2013, Friendship stone - Japan, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 17 - Vong, V (photograph), 2013, Friendship stone - Korea, South Bank, Brisbane Fig. 14 - Vong, V (photograph), South Bank - Expo '88, 2013, South Bank, Brisbane South Bank - Expo '88 Dry Docks Fig. 15 - Vong. V (photograph), Dry Docks, 2013, South Bank, Brisbane Memorial Park Fig. 16 - Vong. V (photograph), Memorial Park, 2013, South Bank, Brisbane Plough Inn Fig. 17 - Vong. V (photograph), Memorial Park, 2013, South Bank, Brisbane What evidence still exists from South Bank's past and why is it still in South Bank? 4.1 Recommendations for the future environment and improvement for the future. South Bank has a huge amount of wild birds. They feed on what's left behind by people. But they usually eat things that they aren't supposed to eat. To save both, the wild birds and the environment, there should be more rubbish bins everywhere and there should be a penalt to anyone who litters, to identify these people, there should be survellience cameras everywhere, which would also help crimes from helping e.g. Getting their cars stolen, car break in offence, stolen items and many more. 4.2 Justifications why the changes are necessary People need to put rubbish in the rubbish bin instead of littering because if the birds eat it, then it will damage their digestive systems which will kill them. People want to have a crime free precinct so they can do anything freely without having to worry that something's going to be stolen.
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