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Is online coaching real coaching?

No description

Norman Viss

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Is online coaching real coaching?

Is online coaching
real coaching?

New-fangled computer
A look inside JigsawBox
Giving a grade
... small
No differences in effectiveness
Online coaching
For paper and list of references:
So what now?
versatile use of media
What do expats say?
I have been doing the modules faithfully since becoming a member and I find them very therapeutic and helpful. They get me thinking about so many different aspects of this new life I am leading and are really helping me work through my anxiety. I get feedback on my modules in less than 24 hours and getting that additional perspective is really key. I feel better just knowing that Norman is there if I need some help.

I am so grateful to have happened upon the Expat Everyday Support Center - it really is an outstanding resource for anyone living abroad and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

- Shannon G, Expat in Ireland
Coaching support for expats: value?
Your thoughts?
"Just have to say, I LOVE your guys' support platform.
The whole time I was going through it, I was practically kicking myself for not utilizing you guys last fall!
And even now, when I feel very at ease here in London, I still found the question portions therapeutic.
I really liked how you had the mixture of communication modes with the videos, inspirational quotes, webinars, etc.
Kept it engaging!"

- Katharine M., London
"I loved the coaching modules!
I really liked the fact that it is interactive and that people have to write down what they experienced. My favourite was the “Learn to laugh” module!
I just came back from the U.S. (I studied one year in Austin) and there were so many situations where I just had to take it easy so it reminded me of lots of situations."

Johanna M., Stuttgart
Advantages/disadvantages of online coaching support?
Do you have experience with online expat support platforms?
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