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Maxwell, Micah - COMM 465 Prezi

Presented by Micah A Maxwell on research prospectus: The Adaptability of Adult Learners in Higher Education

Micah Maxwell

on 12 October 2010

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Transcript of Maxwell, Micah - COMM 465 Prezi

micah maxwell comm 465 adaptability of adult learners
in higher education what is an adult learner? ability for adult learners to adapt to the traditional classroom setting that is geared towards that of a typical college student ages 18-22 rapidly growing segment
of the postsecondary
student population 1) likely to pursue a vocational certificate or degree 2) focused on goals to enhance work skills and improve way of life 3) consider themselves promarily workers and not students 4) are more likely to be enrolled in distance education 5) may have additional hurdles to cross before enrolling 6) more likely to leave post-secondary education without earning a degree of U.S. students in
higher education can be
characterized as non-traditional over 60% 43% are
25 years
or older (NCES, 2000) (NCES, 2000) stereotypes lack of study skills
poor time management life experience adult learners are motivated to learn
adults' orientation to learning is life-centered
experience is the richest resource for adults' learning
adults have a deep need of self-directing
individual differences among people increase with age a proactive approach to serving
adult learners requires flexibility,
adaptability, and creativity. "impostership" emerging themes validating expeiental learning
customized educational plan
support for distance learning
student support services
& centralized student services RQ1 (quanititative)
Among adult learners, is there a direct relationship between the students' ability to adapt in the traditional classroom setting and overall classroom achievment HA
There is a direct relationship between an adult learners ability to adapt in a traditional classroom setting and overall classroom achievement RQ 2 (qualitative)
What common strategies re-occur as most effective in helping adult learners to adapt in a traditional classroom setting? HA
There are certain strategies that will re-occur in helping adult learners to adapt in a traditional classroom setting. Questions?
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