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Copy of Graphic Organizer to Create a DBQ Paragraph

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Molly Burke

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Graphic Organizer to Create a DBQ Paragraph

Figure out what the question is asking you.
Is it general or more precise or detailed?
Depending on what the question is, the topic
sentence will be either general or detailed. Your topic sentence is the first thing your audience reads! It should let the reader know what's up and exactly what you are going to talk about!
Now you shouldn't give everything away though so say the basic concepts that you will talk about in your paragraph but don't explain them. That's the point of your paragraph!
Another tip is to start very broad,
then hone in with your fantastic
basic concepts! This is the part where after your first claim and evidence you should explain why the evidence relates to the claim.

Now after your first claim with evidence and explanation, its time to talk about the next and last concept you mentioned in your topic sentence. Do the same steps but just with a different concept! After completing all your claims, evidence, and explanations it's time to wrap it up!
A great way to make your paragraph sound awesome is to use transitions!
A conclusion is a great time to through in a "in brief" or even a "in the final analysis"!
Your conclusion should be like a topic sentence by stated your basic concepts that answer your question but it shouldn't be stated in the same way. DBQ Paragraph Graphic Organizer Helping YOU write one awesome paragraph! Explanation Topic Sentence First! Conclusion Claim it up! Claim it up! TIP! Hey! So heads up! In your topic sentence, you should state the three "claims" you are going to talk about in the order of which you talk about them! Alright so. Introduce your first claim by maybe giving some background. Then exclaim your claim! State what you think! Now you may need some proof.... So remember those concepts or rather "claims" in your topic sentence? Now it's time to use them! Evidence To give some proof to support your first claim you should use a CITED quote from a reliable document or source as your evidence.
Try to "couch" your quote by just slipping it in the middle of a sentence. That doesn't mean saying, "And the proof is..."
No! It means talking about where you got the quote from and maybe whats happening in the document the quote is from. TIP! To cite, try putting the name of the document in parentheses after your quote like this (Document X) Hey! You've got a great paragraph!
Just make sure you don't have any GUM errors and make sure it flows nicely. A great way to check is reading it aloud and checking with a friend!
So congratulations!
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