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Vocab10B 6-10

dour, exult, ominscient, feasible, fiasco

ashley nguyen

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Vocab10B 6-10

DOUR stern and ill-humoured EXULT to rejouce; to feel triumphant OMNISCIENT having unlimited knowledge FEASIBLE reasonable; capable of being carried out FIASCO a complete, rediculous failure “I will listen to Mr Bush but my position is very clear and very firm. The occupation is a fiasco. There have been almost more deaths after the war than during the war.” - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero “Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.” - Rene Descartes
“Lady Luck has been good to me and I fancy she has been good to everyone. Only some people are dour, and when she gives them the come hither with her eyes, they look down or turn away and lift an eyebrow. But me, I give her the wink and away we go.”
- William Allen White “Be secret and exult, Because of all things known That is most difficult” - William Butler Yeats “The age looks steadily to the redressing of wrong, to the righting of every form of error and injustice; and a tireless and prying philanthropy, which is almost omniscient, is one of the most hopeful characteristics of the time.” - Mary Baker Eddy
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