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Differentiated Instruction in Religion

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Marissa Wood

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Differentiated Instruction in Religion

Staff meeting: Itinerary
What is Differentiated instruction?
-Differentiated instruction is based on the premise that, since students differ significantly in their interests, learning styles, abilities, and prior experiences, then teaching strategies, materials, and pace should vary accordingly.
-In your classroom, this means :
Students learn best when they are actively involved in and physically interactive with their environment ;
Students benefit from choice ;
Students understand better with encouragement

How can it be applied in religion class ?
It is applied equally to the religion class just as it does to any other subject area.
Games, songs, quizzes, art, skits, puzzles are all great ways to engage students in religion.
Students should always be given multiple opportunities to succeed.
Helping students develop in their faith journey can be a fun and rewarding experience especially if the student is learning their way.

“All of us do not have equal talents, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.”

John F. Kennedy

Christelle Doumith, Vanessa Esther Ottati, Marissa Wood, Kristen Pavlich, and Maria Alissa Di Lorenzo
Differentiated Instruction in Religion
-Opening prayer
-Prezi presentation
Introduction to differentiated learning
How to build a class profile
Example activities based on class profile
-Execution of activities and teacher feedback
-Question and answer period
Building a class profile:
-Take into consideration any IEPs
-Consider the female/male ratio
-Do a multiple intelligences test (VAKO test) to establish what type of learners you have in your classroom.
-Poll the students to see where their interests lie. (Create a survey to get to know you students.)
-Consult with the teacher(s) of the prior year to find out more about your students.
-Consult personal student files

(2014). Differentiated Instruction in a religion class.
Retrieved from : http://prezi.com/yqqniihnr_gn/differentiated-instruction-in-the-religion-class/

Tregonning, Yvonne. Le Magnétique-- Jésus Christ. Vanier: CFORP, 2011. Print.
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