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Chie and Goran

No description

Goran Galic

on 29 May 2016

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Transcript of Chie and Goran

Chie and Goran
happily ever after
long long time ago, in a country far far away, a little girl was born...
june 7th 1983.
roughly at the same time, far far away, a little boy was already celebrating his 1st birthday...
let us tell you a story about how we started.

they both had a happy childhood.
they grew fast, they grew big, and soon they were no longer children...

at the time, goran did not know anything about japan, nor he ever dreamed he would one day be marrying a "geisha girl"...
Well, chie probably did not expect to end up with this guy either...
They both set on a journey to find eachother. sometimes they were very close...
usa - grand canyon
there were many more...
and finally they found each other....
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