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cole rodgers

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of hello

The Widening Highway
There are 2000000 highway in Canada. There are over 420 000 cars on the highway on a average day.
There are 1billion 300 million, 1,300,000,000 metric tons given.
The most cars on an average day is 4200000 million.
The most common animals on the side of the highways are Fish,Birds,Deer,Turtles and Owls could get killed.
1000000 animals get hit by motor vehicles everyday.
How many animals get hit by motor vehicles?
How many highways are in Canada?
What are the most common animals on the side of highways?
How many metric tons are given?
How many cars are on a highway on a average day?
Where are they widening highways?
They are widening highways in Pacifica
What would be a good option other then driving?
You can take a bike or walk.
How could widening highways effect wildlife?
It could effect wildlife by , stoping turtles from crossing, deers from getting home,and birds from their nests.
How would the widening highways effect deers from crossing?
It could effect deers because they have a bigger risk of getting hit when crossing highways.
How could it affect trees, plant and grass.
It would affect the plants be taking up more of there space. It would pollute the air around it making it harder for the plants to breath.
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