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Internet and Business

No description

Lady Sal

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Internet and Business

فاثThe Impact of Internet on Business
Personal computers and the Internet have revolutionized the way we work. E-mail interactions have replaced memos, phone calls, and faxes. Smartphones can connect you with your entire business network while you are out of the office, allowing you to respond quickly. Workflows and automated tasking systems have cut down on organizational bureaucracy, streamlining operations. Speed, matched with technology, adds flexibility and responsiveness to interactions.
In the same time that modern technologies has no boundaries. The Internet joins people all over the world. It became possible for people and teams from the great distance to communicate and to do their businesses through the virtual world in any time and place.
The Internet has changed the ways businesses operate in the global market. The long-distance communications become possible with the help of progressing technology. It helps businesses to develop and to operate in better and more productive way. Making it possible for a small firm to be a global company from day one, with the reach and capabilities that once only large companies could possess.Before the computer, there were some other business machines that performed limited functions such as the typewriter and the calculator. Everything else had to be done by hand - pen and paper such as sales receipts, spreadsheets. Accounting records were kept in ledger books, there were elaborate filing systems to keep records and inventories. Everything required more effort and was less effective and less accurate than today's computer systems.
Video conversation, Skype, E-mails, instant messengers and different conference calling help us to organize meetings, to discuss different perspectives and problems in a wide circle of participants. Through the network people can create better working atmosphere than in the office. More and more people start to make money through the Internet. They prefer working from home rather than in the office. As the result, they have better productivity and self-realization.

far-reaching collaboration
Removing Barriers
Grow Business

probably the greatest change are marketing. People can sell and buy different things through the Internet; mean you can shop, advertise, read, purchase, bank, game, pay, book travel, and download music while on the move. It makes life easier and better, because you are doing everything from your place. Internet has allowed businesses to connect and sell clients in new ways, including mass e-mails, blogs, and recently, Twitter. These tools allow businesses to stay relevant in a customer’s mind, and they help prospective customers to find new companies to do business with.
When a prospect learns of your business, the first thing they will do is Google your name. Next, they click on the link to your website to learn about you. The prospect comes to you informed about what you do and who you are. Do you have a plan to capture the business?

Businesses use the Internet to research new product ideas, new methods of creating products and pricing information. A business can also research the competition to see what products and services are offered. If a company is looking to expand into a particular location, the Internet can be used to research the population, its needs and what products and services would sell best in that area.

What do we do about it?

Become an authority
: people going online to get advice be an adviser rather than a pushy salesperson
Build a community
: create a network people around you and gather people that are important to you, not just your customers and clients but it might be suppliers, influential people who can refer business to you or you can refer business to, and maybe even list your customers and clients as collaborators creating new products and new services.
Sell with respect
: you can no longer grab the person by the throat, it's just not possible anymore, because they will be on a website and with one click of a mouse they can be on another website on the other side of the world.

communicating, connecting, collaborating, working with people in communities

Before 1997
Social Media
Social Media
After Web 2.0
Most businesses now are facing a problem:

Although the internet seizes your opportunity of having a potential world of customers, it is a threat of having a potential world of competitors;

your clients, your customers and your prospects can access to your products and your services instantly from somebody else and somewhere else for little of no cost and you need to be more competitive.

- Be smart; think differently: innovative; challenging not just in the way you do business but in the way you think about business; the way you think about what your clients need and how you can service these needs; the way you think how the world is changing around you ; and the way you think about your role in your business success.
- Be passionate; you want to share these stuff; you want to share it with your team; your clients; your network and share it with the world.
F or Your Online Business Success
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