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Tornado Myths: True or False?

We've all heard myths about tornadoes and what to do if you you were to get caught in one. Is there truth to these myths? And how can you survive a tornado?

Allison Hartman

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Tornado Myths: True or False?

Double click anywhere & add an idea You have to crack your
windows so your house
doesn't explode. If you're on the highway
when a tornado hits, seek
shelter under the overpass. Tornadoes never
strike big cities. If you're driving during a
tornado, get into a ditch. Mobile homes attract
tornadoes. Deaths from tornadoes are more common in the Southeastern U.S. Tornadoes, like
lightning, never strike
the same place twice. Tornadoes can't
cross water.
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