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The Gold Rush by Christina and Shauna

No description

guildford public

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of The Gold Rush by Christina and Shauna

The Gold Rush

Miners Tools
Miner had many tools this is some
pan,shovel,cradle,bucket,spade,pick axes and sieve.Thay were also weapons to fight the bush ranger

The Gold Rush
By Christina,Shauna H.S.I.E Project
about The Gold Rush
Sir Edward Hargraves
Edward Hargraves was a miner that arrived Sydney in 1832. Than went to the California Gold Rush,then met John Lister, Tom Lister and William Tom look for gold.The Lister brothers and William Tom for gold but Edward Hargraves clams it and said that he, fond it.Than he got the reward the Lister brother and William Tom, was happy.
The miners live in unicameral tens but some times the bush rangers come,and killed them the miners take their gold.
Gold can be made many difference things like rings,I phones,cavers, money and many more.
Gold Facts
Miners Tool
Sir Edward Hargraves
Eureka Uprising
Interesting Facts
Contents Page
Gold Facts
Eureka Uprising
Interesting Facts
Miners eat food when they are hungy.Miners love to eat allot of flower,and miners love to drink allot of tea sometimes. They run out of drinks so they have to drink. Dirty water when they run out of food they go bey some more food.The food that they bey is worth alot of pondes.
the gold rush started at Australia, May 1851
Most people left thier jobs to do gold minning
the miners wore silk and tied of the police cheeking their gold licenses so the miners gathered around and made the eureka flag.They made a stocayed then one night the police come and started killing the miners.30 miners wore killed and 5 police wore killed and the fight ending in.30 min time
gold can be made out of many thinks.
Back in the gold rush days stuff wore expensive very expensive.
dollars were called pouns
google,peace gold CD,http://www.nma.gov.au/interactives/tlf/gold_rush_5-6/
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