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yulissa carrera

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of switzerland

Switzerland This is switerland population: 7,581,520 (rank=95) Here is a picture of switerland population. Religion(s) of Switerland are Roman, Catholic, Prote, and Muslim. Here is a picture of major religious groups of switerland. language(s): German, French, Italian,and Romansch. Here is a digram picture of switerland . This is switerland languages they speck. This are switerland Food&Diet: coffe,snaks,bread.
Main diet food of the people:Meat,potatoes,milk products. Games&sports from switerland Hiking, Skiing,and Ice Hockey. Other sports or games: is tinnes ball. This are some sports from switerland when they play. This is switzerland map picture This is switzerland flag color is red and white and here's a picture of it. Here is switzerland timeline picture. here is switzerland flower picture. This is one of switzerland car pictures is really nice. switzerland climate is :It can be quite rainy and cloudy, but in a few minutes that can be lifted to a sunny day. So the temperature varies from cold to very warm there.

goverment:Federal Repulic!
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