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Mexican Food

Tech. Food Project

Anmol Narang

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Mexican Food

"Varied and Intense Flavours" "Colourful decoration
and presentation" "Unique Spices
and Decoration" Regions Mexican Food "Influences" Varied and
Intense Flavours Variety Climates Groups Northern Mexico "Meat" Arracherra Cut Burritos Central Mexico Southern Mexico "Spicy" "Carribean
Influence" "Unique" Pozole Barbacoa Ingredients Corn and Beans Background "Healthy" Garlic and Onions Spices

Chilli Powder
Cinnamon Masa dough Tortillas
Gorditas Fresh Vegetables
and Rice Flavourings Interesting
Facts "Important Part in History" Maya and Aztecs Drink Currency Currently Chicken Mole Traditional Hot Chocolate "Chocolate" Dishes Main Dishes Starter Dishes Desserts Festivals National Holidays Religious Holidays Essential element: Food LOS DIAS de LOS MUERTOS Altars built and
covered with food Fairs Feasts CORN FESTIVAL Appertizers Snacks Corn tortillas Cheesy salsa chicken quesadillas
Corn Tortillas Nachos 'Popular outside
Mexico' Chimichanga 'deep fried burrito' Chiles en Nogada Chiles Ground Meat Walnut Cream Sauce Beef Tacos Corn Tortillas Chilli Con Carne "Classic" Apple Enchilladas Tres Leches Cake Traditional Delicious Mayas Aztecs Settlers
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