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Documenting Design Intent with PPDs - CSC Conference

Effective, uniform method to present preliminary design information

Conspectus, Inc.

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Documenting Design Intent with PPDs - CSC Conference

Narrative and Graphic
Level 1
Exterior Vertical Enclosure
Exterior Walls
Exterior Wall Veneer
Brick Veneer
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Owners, lenders, agencies
Design team
Construction team
Design documentation
Cost estimating
Integrated project delivery
Building information modeling
A - Substructure
B - Shell
C - Interiors
D - Services
E - Equipment and Furnishings
F - Special Construction and Demolition
G - Building Sitework
Z - General
Functional Elements
Image design intent
Layout location & extent
Assembly system & components
relationship to BIM (Revit) family properties
PPD practical content limit
Type identification and
Checklist for included items
Example text
Example assembly drawing
Sketches can suffice
Outline Format
Tabular Format
favors brevity
Spreadsheet Format
spreadsheet permits automatic extraction
A3 Presentation Concepts
use simple graphics to identify assemblies
Describe each partition type
Use simple "snapshot" assembly drawings
Describe each functional assembly type
Describe concept for each functional element
Use images from photo library
Looks much like a specification
Level of Detail
By functional element

By component
include separate descriptions
UF Number
Element Name
[BIM Object]
Functional Requirements
Performance Requirements
Design Requirements
Component 01 Name
MF Number
Attribute a
Attribute b
Attribute c
Component 02 Name
MF Number
Attribute a
Attribute b
Attribute c
Component 03 Name
MF Number
Attribute a
Attribute b
Attribute c
B2010 - Exterior Walls
B2010 - Exterior Walls
Podium Walls: Dimensional stone veneer with CMU backup and insulated cavity
Wind Load: 36 psf positive, 47 psf negative
Thermal: U 0.05 overall
Construction: Shop panelized
Thickness: 15 inches, maximum
Tower Walls: Shop panelized rainscreen assembly with continuous cavity insulation
Unit Masonry
MF 04 20 00 Spec Section
Concrete Masonry Units as structural backup
Designed Solution - When Known
Normal weight
Standard gray
8 inches thick
Basic organization
Fun with word processing tables
Specification QA Checklist
Master list for selection
combine graphics and text for powerful message
Documenting Design Intent with PPDs
Level 3 element
CMU vs. metal stud and sheathing backup
clad rainscreen vs. precast concrete panel
Multiple elements by system
Can you determine this BIM assembly at SD Phase?
How about this, instead?
B2010 Exterior Wall Type 2
Instead of forcing designed solutions...
Let model be generic...
until the solution is designed!
the practical application
allow design to remain iterative
data develops with design progress
David Stutzman, CSC, CSI, CCS
CSC Conference 2014 - Tapping the Future
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