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Copy of Metamorphic Rock Prezi!!!

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tori h

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Metamorphic Rock Prezi!!!

Where are they found? How are they formed? Metamorphic rocks can form out of igneous, sedimentary, or other metamorphic rock. There are many different ways that they can be formed like when pockets of magma rise through the Earth's crust. Since the temperature of the pockets is so high it can change the rock around it. Other ways include.....

When the Earth's plates collide it can push rock down to the heat of the mantle.
Extremely high pressure sometimes changes the physical shape of the original rock.
Under intense heat and pressure the minerals inside the original rock can change into other minerals while the appearance of the minerals change at the same time. Metamorphic rocks are usually found near large igneous rock masses or in mountains. They are found in mountains because when the mountain is starting to form plate collisions cause a lot of pressure changing the rock. Other places they could be found are in glacial drifts and deep underground. This type of rock can be found basically wherever metamorphic processes have/ can occur. What in the world is a metamorphic rock? How are they classified? Metamorphic rocks can be classified into 2 groups based on the arrangement of their grains. These groups are foliated and nonfoliated. How can they be used? Metamorphic rocks can be used for many things in history and in modern-day times. Like...

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is made of marble because it's even grained texture making it easy to cut and carve. It's also easy to polish.

Slate slabs are used for roofing, outdoor walkways and as trim for stone buildings. Marble can be used in chess pieces too. Graphite is in most wooden pencils and many other metamorphic rock for building materials. Examples of metamorphic rocks and their original state sandstone
basalt Prezi by: Victoria Holzwarth P10.) Metamorphic Rocks A metamorphic rock is a rock that forms when other rocks are changed due to heat, pressure, or both. It can also be changed by chemical reactions. Foliated Rocks_ Metamorphic rocks that have their grains arranged in parallel layers or bands. Foliated is the thin, flat layers that make up most metamorphic rocks. Examples- gneiss, slate Nonfoliated Rocks_ Metamorphic rocks that have their grains arranged randomly. Examples- marble, quartzite gneiss slate marble quartzite quartzite
schist or amphibolite THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!
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