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My Commitments

No description

Peter Caroline

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of My Commitments

Heart Smart
Cardiovascular surgery ias challenging, but would be very fulfilling and I would never be bored.
To honor this commitment, I will:
Study and research the job
Do outisde learning about the cardiovascular system
To exceptionally well on schoolwork
Since I want to devote so much of my life to internal medicine, I want to be sure that I can handle blood and pressure, life-or-death situations. EMT work would greatly help
To honor this commitment, I will:
Study and research the human body and emergency care
Volunteer at hospitals
Practice my driving skills
See if I can shadow a current EMT
College Life
I would love to go to Johns Hopkins University or Washington University in St. Louis. They have amazing programs and I think I'll do well there.
To honor this commitment, I will:
Do wll in sports
Get good grades
Learn as much as I can outside of school
My Commitments
Becoming a cardiovascular surgeon
Being admitted into one of my favorite colleges
Playing Baseball
Playing the Field
Baseball is my favorite sport, and while I would say I'm fairly good at it, I can always do better
To honor this commitment, I will:
Practice more frequently
Excercise more frequently
Watch people play and study techniques
Communicate better with teammates
Eat healthier
Becoming an Emergency Medical Technician throughout college
-Peter Caroline
I am happy with my commitments. I think that In order to fulfill my life goal of being comfortable, living righteously, and leaving some impact on the world, I have to honor these commitments. Of course my playing baseball isn’t really going to change the lives of those around me, but it’s something I like to do. I could still probably change the baseball commitment, however. I am really interested in art, music, and travel as well. I am far from being a professional or maybe even a skilled artist, but I do appreciate the time and effort taken in creating art. Maybe, another commitment I can add would to learn how to effectively create my own art and music. Or I could collect it or go around the world exploring it. Of course this is secondary to my more professional obligations. I would have plenty of time between school and work and when I retire. But overall, my plans and commitments will be pursued and spread out throughout my life.
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