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Human body

No description

Elise Tauber

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Human body

Problems in the Respiratory System Respiratory System Asthma is the most common problem in the respiratory system

More than 20 million people have asthma in this world Tuberculosis This is passed from person to person through the air
Granulomas can die but then reactivate later in your life. Purpose of the Respiratory system Parts of The Respiratory System Mouth/Nose
Diaphragm movement The path
Inhaling & exhaling
Use of the diaphram The End Exchange of gases Exchange of gases Exchange of Gases (continued) Diffusion
Oxygen rich blood
Goes to the hungry tissues in the body
Carbon dioxide molecules
Reabsorbed by the alveoli
Goes back trough the lungs
comes out of the mouth Asthma Unhealthy lungs Healthy lung Do not smoke and be active
Have regular check ups and do not inhale bad chemicals.
Do not stay close to people with the flu or cold. Care for the respiratory system Most important part
Diffusion process
As you inhale, goes to alveoli
Tiny air sac
Spread out, flattened = size of tennis court
Has hundreds of millions
Lungs has the web of the bloodstream around it
Oxygen poor blood comes to alveoli and sucks only oxygen
Molecule called hemoglobin sucks
From red blood cells in bloodstream Common Problems cold
cough Purpose
made possible by it
goes trachea, bronchi, alveoli
Exchange of gases
exchange of oxygen plus carbon dioxide
Cellular Respiration
oxygen is used to release energy
stored in glucose
Sense of smell
a special patch that is in contact of the air
cilia hair like things that detect smell
humans can sense 10,000 different smells Purpose
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