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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps presentation

Mobo Locale

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Mobile Apps

OFFERS NEXT STEPS! In just over 3 years, over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices
40% of all Google Maps traffic is from mobile phones
100 Billion “PUSH” Notifications sent Why the Rush?? FACT: Mobile app downloads will reach76.9 billion in 2014

And will generate $35 billion in sales
Source: IDC

Mobile apps provide the best mobile experience possible to consumers Why Mobile Apps? Phone: (877) 895-9925
Email: Sales@mobolocale.com
Website: www.mobolocale.com Contact us Today! Customized Web App

Consultation to determine targeted web app
Web app creation
Hosting for mobile site
Facebook and Twitter pages
Push notifications, information apps and other options/services available Our special Offer Selection of services offered:
QR codes
Loyalty programs
Google+ Local
Reputation management
Push notifications
Social media creation and links
Information apps Customized Apps Allows customers to easily find you
Drives customers who already have interest
Great review scores increase your credibility, image and reputation
Get quality feedback Google+ LOCAL FACT: Your customers prefer apps over mobile websites
Sources: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics, 2012 Why Mobile Apps? MOBILE
APPS Simple app just giving info
Info on products and services
Restaurant menus
Multiple formats: PDF or text Simple as Info Inform customers about:
Simple updates about your business Push Notifications Scan this QR Code with your Smartphone for quick access to our mobile website.
Make reservations, see our menu, or order take-out from your mobile phone with click2call ordering!
  Are like “barcodes” in that you scan them with your mobile phone anywhere that it is placed
Once scanned, customer immediately sees either a coupon, website, or other interactive image
Code is linked to your mobile website
Place in Ads, Direct Mail, In-Store, Magazines, or other medians
Used only with SmartPhones QR Codes Link customers to Facebook or Twitter fan or follower pages

40% of social media users access sites via their mobile device Social Networking Apps GPS coupons based on location
Customers ‘check in’ to receive special offers when near your location
14 million Americans scanned QR codes in July 2011 Loyalty Coupon QR Codes
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