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Consumer Society: Critical Issues and

No description

Bryan Ibarra

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Consumer Society: Critical Issues and

Consumer Society: Critical Issues and Environmental Consequences by: Barry Smart
The author, Barry Smart left out possible solutions that can be used to improve the quality of our environment.
Or better yet help American consume less than needed.
Extemp Tub Topic
The way the author shapes the reader is by making it clear how the amount of consumption affects the environment making us use our resources more than needed.
Our nation will never stop evolving and expanding. Smart gives examples throughout his book relating to the issues like this.
We only see the positive things of materials but never the consequences that come with it.
Shape Readers understanding
The author Barry Smart wrote this book to explain how Americans use more than they need resulting into environmental consequence.
In the beginning it starts off about the Industrial Revolution and how it was an initial expansion of available luxury goods, through mass production and mass consumption
'A way of living that revolves around the wanting of things, the longing for things, and the purchasing of things' (Smart pg.5),
"The choices we make today cast huge shadows into the future, defining the ambition we can reasonably hold for prosperity and stability in the years to come."- Barry Smart

Central Argument
The focus was towards the amount of waste that happens in our society.
"Buying goods for the moment, discarding them quickly, and moving on to the next" (Smart pg. 184)
The USA was the second highest consumer of 26 billion liters in bottled water. Later on it grew from $50 million to an excessive $5 billion. (Smart pg. 124-125)
The number of planets needed to sustain whole world at the level of national consumption is about 5.3.
What the author privileged
What the author overlooked?
Barry Smart
A professor at the University of Portsmouth.
Areas of research interest and expertise include critical theory, fiscal sociology, economic analysis of consumption, environmental consequences of consumerism.
He is also a member of the International Sociological Association.
Wrote other books dealing with the economy and society
Author Credibility
Key Issues
Made by: Bryan Ibarra
Period 4

Stance: The government should spend more money on the environment than social programs.
Consumer Pleasures:

Consumerism is widely recognize to promote experiences of emotional and aesthetic pleasure. Consumerism plays an important part in the constitution of identity. It has been pointed out a number of times that 'consumo ego sum, or I shop therefore I am. (Smart pg. 148)
Consumer Damage :
The last half-century of growth has been the most ecologically destructive in human history. The United States with its big malls, fast foods, public consumption has developed the most ecologically damages pattern of consumption in the world.
How the book expanded my knowledge
It gave me a better understanding of why people are wasteful. Also instead of stopping expansion we should find a solution to overcome it.
Furthermore the environment is a big issue and our actions take a great toll on it. So we should do whatever it takes to help reduce pollution.
Smart, Berry. Consumer Society: Critical Issues and Environmental Consequences . California : SAGE, 2010. Print.
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