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How They Croaked

No description

Melynda Jones

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of How They Croaked

Text Structure
Definition: How information is organized within a text;
also referred to as organizational patterns.

Cause & Effect
Cause & Effect is one of the most common text structures found in informational text because it outlines WHY actions are taken and the CONSEQUENCES of those actions.

Problem & Solution
Problem and Solution structure occurs when there is a specific problem that needs to be solved.
Sequential Order
When you see instructions or steps in a process, you have sequential order.
Compare & Contrast structure is utilized when the author needs to show you how two pieces of information are both alike and different.
How They Croaked
A Guide to Text Structure

There are several, common patterns that authors use to effectively convey their point.
In other words,
author's purpose
text structure
The chapters in
How They Croaked
are loaded with different examples of all the organizational patterns.
However, there are several different ways causes and their effects can relate to each other.
In "King Tut," we see all several examples of cause & effect structure
We will read how "King Henry VIII" had and caused many problems.
We will read about a grotesque process involving "Albert Einstein.
Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Brains
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