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Business Plan

No description

yohan busidan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Business Plan

BUSINESS PLAN Presentation 1. Summary and Description of the Business
2. Marketing (Four slides)
3. Objectives
4. Website
5. Skills Analysis
6. Products
7. Pricing
8. Partners
9. Premises / Insurance
10. Funding Required Marketing 1st slide Providing service

Description of the market
- Concentred on a single town at the begining
- Toulouse one of the biggest student town in France
- 1 500 000 inhabitants in Toulouse, 200 000 students, ,with a 23% growth each year.

In touch with Students Unions

The importance of quality events
Summary and Description of the Business This is a Business Plan to establish a new business providing
events for students in France, integration weekends, famous deejay shows, student bals, parties in every bars and clubs, spring break in Spain.
We already have a flat, 20 000 €, some contracts, two designers, two investors, a salesman, our products and partners for a good start.
will organise student events in Toulouse.
will be a Partnership (in France it is a S.A.R.L)
will need 220 000 euros to start.
will work on a 200 000 students market at Toulouse. What is our activity? What is our name and why? It means that our events will be the best and people do not want to miss it.
Nowadays, all event agencies are called with an english name, with "production", "agency" or "event" at the end of the name, if we want to be identified as an event agency, me must do it, that is why the name is in english, and we chose "prod" because there are too many agencies with "event" at the end of their name. Marketing 2nd slide The influence on the demand

The competition Marketing 3rd slide The future developments
The Beer Pong: Marketing 4th slide The marketing of the service

Skills Analysis Yohan Busidan
Vice President of a Student Union

Vincent Miremont
President of a Student Union, artistic director in a club

Gautier Laval
Assistant artistic director in a club

Partners : Nicolas Clément and Romain Moncamp
Howing a bar and a student club for two years.

Objectives WEBSITES 1st slide http://www.nuitducommerce.com/ WEBSITE 2nd slide http://www.greekparty.fr/ Funding Required • Stationery (letterheads, business cards, leaflets): 20,000€.

• Telephone including installation: 2000€.

• Materials: the most of the material will be rent for the nights, and is included during the negotiations in the price of the alcohol and the soft’s.

• Equipment/tools (computers, phones) : 3000€.

• Transport: Each employee will be paid for its fuel expenditure (about 400€ per month and per employee).

• Premises: the cost in zero, because, the rooms will be available for free thanks to the city of Toulouse which give free premises for start-ups.

• Loans: To arrive to these objectives, the current association witch organizes some events will change its status and become a company as an SARL in France with a initial capital of 250,000€.
Funding Required 2nd slide Funding Required 3rd slide Products Beer pong Contest

Integration weekends


La Nuit du Commerce

The Greek Party

Bamboonuts Disco Party at the Club
Pricing It is really hard to have a straight prices policy in this business,
it depends of the season (because students have exams, internship, holidays),
and it also depends of the investment.

For example:
“La Nuit du Commerce” needs a 20 000 € of investment,
with 3000 people expected every years, we have to give 3 € per tickets
for the night club (it is the basic arrangement with every night clubs in France,
it represents the drink for every ticket), the price can be between 12 € and 15 €.
Partners Deejays : Sebastien Bennett, Mathieu Bouthier, Joachim Garraud, many others...

Night Clubs : La Dune, La Villa Garden, Le Sept Discothèque,...

Bars : Chez Tonton, Le Bar d’en Face, Le Bar Basque,...

Activities: Snowmaking, Dancers, striptease, singers, saxophonist...

Student Unions : from all Toulouse schools and universities, some from Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Pau, Montauban...

Partners: Moxity is an enterprise which is providing a website to sell event tickets and Mobicampus can send text messages on 16 000 student cell phones, they also have many student unions partners in Paris. Inprints is a printer; they will print posters, flyers, and tickets for our MBH events. Transport du Sud is our exclusive partner for transporting student during integration weekends, and for events like the Greek Party. The Warm Up and the E.N.D are two night clubs in Toulouse and they are also our investors, so we will have discount for the alcohol.
Premises Nicolas Clement and Romain Moncamp (our investors); they have an entire free floor above the “Warm Up”, their bar.

We don’t need to pay anything for that, even the charges; the only thing we will have to pay is our phone and the internet.

Nevertheless, they provide us this flat for only one year, after this year we will have to move for another flat, and during the same year the government will stop help us and we will have to pay taxes.

So 2012 will be an expensive year.
INSURANCE Local: MBH investors are providing a flat, so we don’t have any rent or taxes except for the phone and the internet.

About the employee’s liability, we are three partners, and our two designers are working for our investors, not directly for us, our investors are taking care about their and ours liability.

For the Civil liability, we just need it during events for our customers, but night clubs will provide it thanks to our contracts.

We need a travel licence for organising integration weekends, this licence cost 100 000 €, we made a contract with “Transport du Sud”, we will only work with them concerning transport and they provide us the licence. With that partner, we do not need to ask for a 100 000 € loan.
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